Carrion Review

Last night I finished the play through of Carrion. It was a great diversion from WoW and Animal Crossings: New Horizons.

The story is pretty minimal. You’re a blob. You learn how you came to be. You kill the scientists that have made you suffer and kill the security guards that try to kill you.

Learning to play is pretty straight-forward too. When you start a new game, it walks you through basic movement and slowly introduces you to your abilities. One of the mechanics of this game that I absolutely loved was how your total health and abilities change based on your mutation level (size) and what content you have completed. Everything is additive.

If you’re great at memorizing HUGE maps, you’ll complete the game in a couple of hours. If not, well, it depends on how lucky you are at stumbling across the correct way and/or how stubborn you are about not looking up the zone maps online. The maps at Gameplay Tips are nicely detailed. Click on a map and you get a nice high-res map made from screen grabs. There’s a LOT of maps to remember. This means you either need to start sketching your own from the moment you start playing, or just use someone else’s work that was published for your benefit. There’s no in-game map. There is an in-game scoreboard, so you can tell what zones you should revisit. Just pull out your handy map and head to whatever zones you haven’t completely destroyed.

All said and done, I really loved the game. It’s pacing, its story (or lack thereof), its controls, its pixilated gore, and its twist of an ending. It’s solidly a 5 of 5.

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