Of Covenants and Ripcords

When this expansion was first announced I thought I would have fun figuring out what covenants I wanted to put my toons in. At first, I thought that covenants fit thematically with class. In my mind… Druids, Monks, and Shamans are obviously Night Fae. Mages and Paladins are obviously Kyrian. Then, it all fell apart after that.

So what did I do? I put together a spreadsheet and listed the classes, specs, and which covenants I thought they would best be represented in. My apologies for not using MS Paint (the superior presentation application, but I’m not Dratnos. I have to work within my skill sets). Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments if you think I might want to reconsider a spec’s associated covenant. I am looking forward to that kind of input.

DeathknightFrost / UnholyNecrolords
DemonhunterHavoc / VengeanceVenthyr
Druid*Night Fae
HunterBeast MasteryNight Fae
HunterMarksmanship / SurvivalNecrolords
Monk*Night Fae
PriestDiscipline / HolyKyrian
RogueAssassination / SubtletyVenthyr
Shaman*Night Fae
WarlockDemonology / DestructionNecrolords
WarriorArms / FuryNecrolords

These were my thoughts on Covenant splits:

  • Night Fae: Nature-lovers / Element-worshipers / Zen-followers
  • Kyrian: tanks/healers (selfless protectors) and scholars
  • Venthyr: Soul suckers (dots, blood magic, and poisons)
  • Necrolords: Death Magic and Military Ops

How was I going to handle a toon that falls into more than one covenant choice? I’d think about my fantasy of the toon. My DK was a tank for the better part of his life. He used DPS spec for leveling, but end-gamed mostly as a tank. He’d probably go Venthyr. My hunter spent the bulk of her life as Marksmanship. She is currently Beast Mastery. I have no idea which covenant I’ll choose. I could argue both Night Fae and Necrolord. The best part of this dilemma is that I don’t have to make a choice right now. I’ve got time.

Now comes the rub. All these aesthetic ideals and choices for class/spec identity mean nothing. Every class/spec will have a BIS covenant ability and soulbind. In order to raid or M+, you will have to choose the covenant ability and soulbind that makes you viable. You love the look of the Night Fae armor on your toon. You love the lore behind the Night Fae. Your BIS covenant is Maldraxxus. Guess what you are doing? Choosing between enjoying the lore/immersion of your game or being invited to group content.

While I can generally accept borrowed power in the game without much complaining (except for corruption, that can die in a fire and quickly please… is it dead yet? is it dead yet? is it dead yet? is it dead yet? is it dead yet? please tell me it’s dead already), this could completely break the fantasy of the game. If I wanted to deal with “forget about what you want, you have responsibilities,” I wouldn’t turn to video games to entertain myself. I’d just work and do house chores 24/7. I want my game to bring me enjoyment. Not to remind me of the futility of “choice.”

Blizzard, I know you won’t read this here, so I will put this request in the forums and on twitter. Please, disconnect the borrowed powers from the aesthetics. Don’t force me to make the mutually exclusive choice between enjoying the fantasy or enjoying the end-game group content. That kind of discontent will make me resent the game. #PullTheRipcord

PS: To be completely honest here, my DK is currently making good use of 3 (sometimes 5) stacks of Twilight Devastation, Twisted Appendage, Haste, and/or Critical Strike corruptions. However, I stand firm in my claim that I am looking forward to this broken system going into the dumpster and it being nuked for good.

4 thoughts on “Of Covenants and Ripcords

    1. Hunter was my first toon and I tended to gravitate towards Marksmanship because it was simply the best dps in group content. I didn’t seriously play Beast Mastery until Legion and I wound up being more into the beast-friend aspect of BM rather than the killing machine aspect of it. That’s why I felt the need to split covenants there. Which covenant would you lump all 3 specs into?

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