Hidden Artifact Appearances

With the news that artifact transmogs will become class-specific, instead of spec-specific, I decided that I’d fill out my collection a smidge. I decided that I’d go after the hidden artifact appearances. I’d had a few across the classes, but the collection was far from complete. It all started when I learned what the Corrupted Ashbringer ret-pally appearance looked like. That was what started the avalanche.

WoWhead’s guide on the hidden appearances was an awesome aid. Everything was laid out nicely and in sufficient detail. A couple of places it could have used a “this item has a respawn timer, be patient” note. For the most part though, it was great.

This week, I did it. I got the last of the 36 base spec appearances. The other 3 tints for 30 Legion dungeons, 200 World Quests, and 1000 PVP kills is not complete, but it’s close. Prior starting this endeavor, there were only 4 classes on which I had not found at least 1 hidden appearance (Demonhunter, Mage, Priest, and Warrior) prior to BfA’s launch. Meaning that on the other 8 classes, I’d already unlocked (or was very close to unlocking) the Legion dungeon, World Quest, and PVP tints. Between the base hidden appearances, the dungeon tints, world quest tints, and PVP tints, there are a grand total of 144 appearances. I’m only missing 11 of them.

Here’s my list of remaining appearances.

ClassDngn TintWQ TintPVP Tint

I’m not in a rush to finish these. Though, they will be finished quick enough. The dungeons are the only real commitment because they have to specifically be Legion dungeons. The world quests and PVP will just happen as I’m normally playing on those toons. Maw of Souls is the quickest Legion dungeon to spam. Most of my toons can clear it in under 5 minutes. So that’s the one I use to fill in my dungeon count. To avoid burnout in the dungeons when I decide I’m going to dungeon spam, I queue for battlegrounds to break up the tedium and to also eat up time to keep me from hitting my 10 instances per hour limit.

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