“Completed” with that which shall not be talked about

I haven’t really felt like focusing on anything significant since I completed the hidden artifact appearances and getting to rank 8 and doing the mount quest in Fight Club… er… I mean Brawler’s Guild. I spent some time on Sunday getting the last of the achievements left over for Brawler’s Guild and making sure to …
/tar Robert Paulson
… several times.

When I thought I was done (even having gone back again to get what I thought was ALL of the shirts from rumbles), I find out there was another shirt that I missed. Not overly worried about it. I have more shirt mogs than I’ll ever use. Still, I feel like I really need that shirt I’ll never use. That was my night before pre-patch.

Once pre-patch lands on us, I think I want to focus on getting my 2 mains their 470 ilvl upgrade (or whatever the new post-squish ilvl is for the horrific visions rank 3 crafted items are) to their alchemy trinkets. I know that they’ll be making good use of the heal potion buff well into SL. I’ll be making sure to finish out my druid’s Rajani reputation to exalted and buying the perma-rune to use into the next xpack. Other than that, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing. Random mog runs, sure. Random Jaina mount runs, hopefully. However, those are just random things that occur on a whim. I don’t have any pointed lists of things I want to focus on. I guess I’ll just figure it out as I go.

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