I can feel your anger. IT’S FABULOUS!!!!

Please just let me indulge in the mash up of Star Wars’ Emperor with South Park’s Big Gay Al in the title of this post. It makes me about as happy as the new xmog item we have now. Blizzard has released another subscription reward. The Sprite Darter’s Wings transmog is glorious. It’s a set of fairy wings and… um… well… other pieces of gear too, I guess.

Seriously, the rest of set is adorable. However, the wings and the mask are the real MVPs of this new set. When I saw them, I knew that the wings were all my flamboyantly naked rogue cared about. I think the only thing that would make this xmog any better is if WoW added a pride flag pennant that I could put on his back.

It’s really just the simple things that make me giggle. Equally amusing to me is the amount of hate that this set is garnering on-line. People are legit pissed off at Blizz for this set. Some are even pissed off at the set itself. I’m just sitting in SW in front of the fountain in the trade district /dance-ing with folks in my fabulous new set of wings.

For the haters, I understand there is nothing that can be done to make them feel better, so I leave this last bit dedicated to the haters (yes, I’ve posted this song before, but it never seems to be not-relevant)…

Post-publishing Edit: Raz glitched out after mogging the wings. He was on a flying mount, but didn’t appear mounted. He looked like he was doing the “chariots of fire” run through the sky. I call this his Icarus impersonation.

Raz’s Icarus impersonation.

2 thoughts on “I can feel your anger. IT’S FABULOUS!!!!

  1. I like the set, I’m just too lazy to actually go about getting X-Mog stuff. But I like the wings and if you could actually fly with them that would be perfect.

    1. Funny thing. After I mogged the wings on this character, the servers were acting up and lagging out. I still had the mount buff, but I wasn’t sitting on a mount. I started flying around and it looked like he was running through the sky. I added a screen capture to the bottom of this post if you’d like to see what it looked like.

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