Ummm… you aren’t aware of how we do things around here, are you?

I don’t know why, but I imagine the covenants to be much like social cliques in schools or clubs. Tight nit groups that dress alike, act alike, and superficially judge others. In order to join their ranks, you need to dress like them, talk like them, walk and dance like them, and try to toss out any of your own quirkiness that makes you unique.

Well, it would appear as if I’ve got 3 offenders in my ranks that don’t seem to understand the social contracts necessary for being lost in the crowd of cool kids.

First up is Aestalas (the Night Fae) rocking a rather interesting Fel-Drust look. Obviously he’s kind of oblivious to the Drust attacks in Ardenweald. Or maybe, he’s using this as camouflage to infiltrate their ranks. A true master spy never reveals his plans to anyone. Obviously, if you say anything about this, he will have to hunt you down and silence you.

Aestalas the Night Fae
Aestalas the Night Fae

Next up is Lohattal (the Kyrian) sporting an au-natural look that leaves little to the imagination. Obviously, you will never find him at the Temple of Modesty. EVER! He believes in comfort above all else. He can’t commune with the elements if he has too much armor separating him from nature.

Lohattal the Kyrian
Lohattal the Kyrian

Last, but certainly not least (unless your talking about height) we’ve got Razloppesk (the Venthyr). Raz is… well… um… he is just a special kind of special. I’m not sure he ever truly grew up. I’m also not sure he hasn’t landed on his head a time or two too often. He’s in the covenant of the gothic biting folk. Not sure if he’s doing this to be obnoxious or what. I’m thinking he just really likes the bats, gargoyles and parasols.

Razloppesk the Venthyr

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