Class Mashup

In some random WoW group on whatever social media platform, there was a trolling post asking what was the best build for an arcane druid. Of course this was met with a number of troll responses like resto-rogue and arms-mage.

However, I thought it was interesting describing various specs of classes as if they were different classes. This really only works on hybrid classes, but it was still fun. Here was my response on what class specs were mashed up to make the various specs of druids. Enjoy!

  • Arcane – boomchicken is a leather wearing arcane/fire mage
  • Assassination – fitekat is a bleed-build rogue
  • Protection – burr is a face-shield warrior
  • Holy – broccoli is a priest on ‘shrooms

Short post made to make you either giggle or groan. It’s both funny and eye-roll-worthy.

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