Who wears it better?

During the course of running the HFC(N) on cloth toons for specific xmog items, I wound up getting the Archimonde transmog set (the Demon Prince’s Ascendant Crown, Mantle of the Eredar Lord, and the Demonbuckle Sash of Argus). So, of course I decided to have someone sport the Archie set. Raz, my flamboyant gnome rogue, would normally be the one to wear mostly naked xmogs. However, this is a cloth set, so I thought either Klingar (a mage who was created to be an homage to Klinger from M.A.S.H) or Trixxi (a goblin warlock). I added in the Grungy Containment Pack because more fel-green is cool here. So I have to ask, which one looks better in their Archie cosplay?

One thought on “Who wears it better?

  1. I didn’t know they added new back item like that, that’s so cool, i like it that they are adding more variety for back items, i hope to see more.

    The set looks better on the goblin, the semi-naked human looks a little disturbing to be honest 😀

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