Just dinged 60 on a Venthyr Paladin. This brings me up to 11 toons at cap. As soon as the number 11 flittered through my head, I immediately though of Stranger Things. It’s rather fitting, as it is a strange thing that I’ve got 11 level-capped toons before an X.1 patch has been released. I’m enjoying the flexibility in leveling this expansion. I enjoy knowing that I can level a toon to cap and within a week or two of capping, I’ll have a new mog available. There are so many things to collect in this expansion and I’m having the time of my life doing it. I’m getting closer to realizing my BlizzCon 2019 predictions.

When Shadowlands was revealed at BlizzCon 2019, I knew 3 things to be true.

  1. I’d have at least 16 characters reach level 60 because I wanted the campaign transmogs for every covenant for every armor type. The extra recolors (bought with anima and offerings) might happen, but I’m not overly worried about that.
  2. My druid main would be a Night Fae for the entirety of Shadowlands and beyond (even if it becomes the worst covenant for druids).
  3. The Venthyr would be the first covenant that I’d unlock all the transmogs for, because gothic/vampire works for my goth/industrial music tendencies.

Well, in the immortal words of Meatloaf, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad. I did not succeed in filling out the Venthyr armor first. It’s also not very likely to be second.

The Necrolords have all 4 armor types filled out. Cloth was acquired by my goblin warlock, leather was a night elf demon hunter, mail is my tauren shaman, and plate is my worgen death knight. I never imagined that the boney-boys and ghouly-girls would happen first and that simply blows my mind. I was certain it would be the last one.

Night Fae are currently 3 of 4 armor types with cloth acquired by my human mage, leather by my night elf druid, and mail by my gnome hunter. I am not sure which plate wearer will finish out this covenant. I don’t have any queued up yet to fill in this spot, but I’m thinking it will be one of my warriors because my other death knight and both paladins are bound for either the Venthyr or Kyrian.

Kyrian are in an odd spot. I unlocked the full campaign transmog set on a shaman before he swapped to the Necrolords. Technically, this means I’m 3 of 4 armor types in Bastion. However, I’ve only got 2 toons that are currently Kyrian, a blood elf demon hunter and a draenai priest. I do plan on filling in another mail wearer to the covenant, but that’s a very low priority. I will get the Plate on my light-forged draenai paladin before putting another hunter or shaman into the Kyrian.

Venthyr are sitting dead last with only 2 armor transmogs being unlocked. My gnome rogue and blood elf paladin are my only toons currently representing the bitey-boys and gnawing-girls. The gnome is about as goth/industrial as a cup of ramen, and prefers to be mostly naked at all times. Meaning he’s definitely not properly representing the The Lost Boys covenant at all. For cloth, I’m sending in my void elf warlock and/or my troll priest. Mail will probably be my dark iron dwarf shaman, though I have a kul tiran and high mountain hunter I could send if the shaman goes elsewhere.

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