9.1 Chains of Domination First Night

My honey and I consumed every quest we could find on our mains last night. We had a blast. I’m going to need to spend a ton of time in Korthia getting used to its layout. We still need to figure out how to get to the southern most part of the map too. The tie-in to the old Maw area was well done. We wound up killing so many rares and doing so many Maw dailies. Being able to mount in the Maw and not having the Eye ticking on you made this zone a great deal of fun. The new rares are so cool. The stage coach was just pure fun.

However, you want to know what the absolute best part of 9.1 is? The piece that simply puts it light-years ahead? Well I will tell you. Talk to the NPC right outside of the Barbershop in [SW/Org] and get you a proper set of glasses.

Aestalas looking epic in his specs

This was the first thing we did upon logging in. Once we had our glasses adjusted properly, we dove into the content. It made for some epic cutscenes.

Aestalas looking epic with Danica and Odyn’s Val’kyr

To add to the HYPE of 9.1, yesterday was my birthday and Blizzard decided to spawn the Fallen Charger near to where we were at the time. They also decided that I was the chosen one to receive the coveted drop of the Fallen Charger’s Reins.

First birthday present I recall Blizzard ever giving me.

A couple of notes: First, make sure you pick up the anima quest in your sanctum because you will need it for renown. Second, pick up the souls quest in your sanctum because your journeys will take you past stone prisons, free-floating souls, or trapped souls. Whether you want the souls for upgrades or are capped on souls and just want it for the anima rewards, you will have no problem completing the quest during time in the Maw and Korthia.

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