Down for Maintenance, but for how long?

I’m trying to reconcile my feelings on WoW at the moment and I’m hard pressed to want to log in. I feel a little disconnected from all aspects of the game and the community.

Some of the disconnect centers around my anxiety and social awkwardness, some of it from the unnecessarily complex intermingling of systems within systems on top of other systems, some of it from the toxicity and “meh”-ness from fellow players, and now there’s the lawsuit mucking things up.

At this point, I log in every once in a while on my 2 faction mains and do their table and check in on my jewel crafter to see if the Cataclysm rare is up where I parked her (the out of the way one in Vashj’ir which few people ever look for because of how out of the way it is). I’m not farming my Chore-ghast. I’m not motivated to try the M+ climb. I might log in sometime this week on the mains and get the 3 renown and next chapter of Korthia done. Then again, I might not. The apathy with WoW is strong at the moment.

In the interim, I’m screwing around in Final Fantasy XIV. While it’s completely different from WoW, there are enough similarities that I’m quite comfortable figuring it out. I opted to play a tank, because I enjoy tanking in WoW and the core concepts are the same. Things were going quite well and then I found the mount/mog shop. May my wallet rest in peace. I found a peacock mount and an outfit that’s themed around peacock and peacock feathers. My grandma loved peacocks and I associate them with that time in my life growing up. The image below makes me smile.

Elena in her peacock attire and atop her peacock stead.

I was doing well enough in the game as a gladiator (almost a hybrid of a WoW prot-warrior and prot-paladin, but different) and then I learned how the jobs (classes in WoW) and jobs (professions in WoW) work and I’ve been leveling my alchemy and my fishing. I basically paused my leveling as a gladiator around level 26 and dove headfirst into the alchemy and fishing. I enjoy that FF’s fishing is not exactly like WoW’s (apply lure/bait if the buff isn’t currently active, press fish button, press catch button, repeat). Initially, it is, but too much more than that would be overwhelming to a new-to-MMOs player. After a few levels, you get abilities that alter your catch chances/quality. Alchemy is the same. Everything is a bit more animated too. My only complaint in the crafting jobs is how much you have to open/close windows, but it’s not too terribly obnoxious as to prevent me from wanting to continue.

Another aspect of the game I enjoy is how much more control you have over your character in the creation window. There’s around a dozen things you can change (height, hair, eyes, nose, jawline, etc.). When choosing hair color, you can do highlights and you are not limited to only a dozen colors. Eyes can be colored independently of each other. It can be a little overwhelming if you’re not into all of that. I’m of the mindset that more options than what WoW offers and fewer options than what FF offers would be the sweet spot for me.

I’m not sure where I’m going to end up on the WoW reconciliation and I’m not sure how deeply I’m going to invest in FF XIV. I just know that something has to change for WoW in me and I’m going to enjoy whatever time I choose to spend in FF XIV. In the meantime, take care folks and be good to each other.

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