Ooooh Shiney!

I feel like an ADHD squirrel running between a trove of acorns and treasure chest of sparkling baubles. I’m still very interested in Azeroth, but I’ve spent a bit of time logged out (since the #ActiBlizzWalkout Mass Logout). In the interim, I’ve been spending time in Eorzia experiencing FF XIV and getting use to the differences. I’ve been keeping up with what’s happening in WoW’s story, even though I was not experiencing it in-game. This means I’ve been getting a little antsy to spend some time there. My attention keeps flip-flopping like a politician between WoW and FF XIV.

(Knuhkles in a maw themed leather set)

I decided to screw around in the Shadowlands again for a little bit and finished leveling my Vulpera Monk. He was at level 58.8-ish so it was no big deal to ding him over with all of his rested XP. I’ve been having fun with him getting back into Mistweaver healing. A big part of his leveling was spamming dungeons as a healer through threads of fate. I made sure to fill the bars on the covenants and save them to turn in after 9.1 landed on us. Once I hit 60, I still had a little ways to fill the Ardenweald bar, so just ran a couple rares, bonus objectives, and world quests.

By the time I was told to speak to Bolvar, I was already renown 15. He geared up quickly by grabbing iLevel 200 crafted gear, 163 iLevel greens, a 230 unique-equipped crafted item, and random BoE purples that weren’t too expensive. He’s at iLevel 196. There are plans to run the Sanctum LFR on him, because I’ve wanted to raid heal on him for a while now. That will be at a later point when I can set aside a chunk of time for it. I opted to skip the Torghast and Korthia intro quests. I did my Korthia fill-the-bar quest, killed the world bosses and did some callings. He’s sitting at renown 30 and hasn’t started on his Covenant campaign (partly because I’m hoping 9.1.5 will have a covenant campaign skip since I’ve done all 4 campaigns 2 to 3 times already on other alts, but also because I don’t give a shit about soul binds and conduits on an alt that I’m just having a little fun with at the moment).

(Elena, the overworked)

Also, because I’m a glutton for punishment, I decided I needed to add to my Final Fantasy list of things to do. I unlocked every job. EVERY! JOB! That’s 4 tanks, 3 healers, 4 melee dps, 3 ranged dps, 4 caster dps, 3 gatherers, and 8 crafters and did a couple quests as each. I’m not saying I’m proficient with all of those jobs. Hell, I’m still a mediocre Paladin main. I do plan on having a dps job that I’m decent with. Leaning towards either Machinist or Summoner. Eventually I’ll mess with healing too. The gathering and crafting jobs are an absolute treat in the game. The story line for Alchemist (levels 1 to 50) was divine. I’m only now starting the HW Alchemy quests and they are keeping my interests piqued. Fishing is also a hoot-and-a-holler. The Lalafels that run the fishing guild (levels 1 to 50) in Limsa are very much a mom-and-pop business couple in southeast Florida. The transition to Ishgarde for the the HW quests has a huge Nat Pagle feel to it.

Job levels:

  • Paladin (main) – 65
  • Fish – 60
  • Alch – 57
  • Mine and Bot – mid-30s
  • Weave and Gold – mid-20s
  • Carp, BS, Armor, LW, and Cook – shy of 10

I am also enjoying how the glamour/dyes function works in game. I have a “gentlewoman” plate I use for Alchemy (don’t ask why I thought alchemy needs prim and proper clothing, just accept that is what I did). I have a Fishing plate for fishing. A hippy set (composed of a couple peaceloving items) for mining and botany. My other professions are left to whatever the items look like when I equip them.

(All work and no play makes Elena a grumpy girl)

I also have a plate for visiting raves. My partner and I have been watching twitch streams of dance parties and it’s a bit of fun to get a peak into random houses. The decorating ideas, the costuming, and music that we enjoy. It’s, quite simply, great amusement.

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