Listening to players… and communicating with them?!?!?!?!?!

Crikey! I must be dreaming. In a recent blue post, it would appear that Blizzard has finally decided to #PullTheRipcord. Also, this recent uptick in blue posts is glorious. I wonder if the firings/step-downs have cleared roadblocks to allow the blue posts to flow, or if the blue posts are flowing as a means to try and distract from the firings/step-downs. I really hope it’s the former, because I love the communication. I would like to believe that Blizz said “Hey, Yoshi (the big kahuna at Final Fantasy XIV, if you aren’t familiar with the name) talks to his player base and communicates about changes and technical difficulties regularly and players love him for it. Maybe we should try to be more like Yoshi.” I want to believe that Blizz wants to be like Yoshi. The reality is that it is probably a little of both.

The first change that has me cheering is “When playing alternate characters, if you have already completed a given Covenant’s campaign on a different character, you will be able to immediately earn the Renown and third soulbind unlock without needing to replay the full narrative arc.” I’ve done every campaign 3+ times. I have more alts I want to mess with and this is a HUGE quality of alt-life improvement. I just want to earn renown on alts and have the unlocks happening at the proper renown level without going through the story again.

The second change that has me wanting to finally engage with the system is “Conduit Energy is being removed – Conduits will be freely swappable without restriction.” My main is a druid and I enjoy dps and healing as well as PVE and PVP. Covenant energy effectively told me, set these and never look at them again. Try and find a happy medium that doesn’t completely suck. Notice I didn’t say “happy medium that is good enough for all content.” The build that can be used for all content sucks to varying degrees in all content. I do believe that I’m going to pay attention to what’s sitting in my soul forge.

Now, if we can get a skip for The Maw intro, the transition to player friendly will be complete. This blue post has made my day.

Post Publish Edit:

  • According to this post, the Maw Intro will be skippable.
  • Legendary recipes will have a 100% drop chance in dungeons for all difficulty levels. I am very excited for 9.1.5.
  • World of Warcraft posted this on Twitter. There will be a legendary recycler. Meaning those leggos you put in the bank (because you needed to recraft them on a different slot) can be scrapped to recoup some of the crafting costs.

One thought on “Listening to players… and communicating with them?!?!?!?!?!

  1. I’m just about to write a post about this very topic – because it is all pretty damn good news. I’m also going to demand royalties for the Timewalking M+ idea but I doubt I’ll be successful. 🙂

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