Ysera feels

There are stories in WoW that will elicit a welling up of feelings. A smile here, a tear there, a “WHAT THE ACTUAL F#@%?!?!” too. However, there aren’t many in the game that get me choked up. The Vanilla questline in the Badlands regarding Rheastrasza’s clutch and the Legion questline in Val’Sharah regarding Ysera both got me quite choked up. I think I just have a soft spot for dragons. Even now, knowing what I know in Shadowlands, I still get misty-eyed.

In FF, I’m finding that the story telling is so much more immersive that I feel attachment to the characters. I have visceral responses to them. For example, I really want to junk-punch Gerolt (relic weapon smith) repeatedly because he’s an asshole. Also, Geva (leatherworker’s guild master) needs to have a chihuahua bite her ankles because she’s so rude. I get those Ysera feelings quite often.

I’ve finished the MSQ and wrap up quests for Heavensward and am through the bulk of the Stormblood quests. The story writers have done a top notch job. There are so many points in the story that make me feel proud for these characters, or sadness. Someone said to me that “A Realm Reborn” was a rollercoaster of emotions. If that is the case, then Heavensward is the Do-Dodonpa (fastest rollercoaster in the world that has been shut down because of injuries involving broken bones).

Even the profession quest lines are great. I’ve completed the Fishing and Alchemy quests through to the end of Stormblood and I highly recommend them both. The alchemy brings some MSQ characters to the forefront and tells some really heartwarming and tear-jerking stories. Fishing is whimsical/comical at times and endearing at others. I’ve even done the ocean fishing repeatedly (not just for the mount, but because it’s a great source of XP). I’m having so much fun with crafting and gathering professions that there have been days that I spent the entire play session doing nothing but crafting and gathering.

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