Mide and Dayan (FF XIV)

Still a better love story than Twilight!

Yes, Twilight is a wonderful work. Lots of emotion. But HOLY HELLS! I have felt more emotion from this post-Heavansward story arc than I did from my own divorces. I know I have some serious mental issues to deal with, but the writing of these stories is beyond compare. If you love the story-telling in MMORPGs, you have to play Final Fantasy XIV. Yes, I’m a WoW shill, but damn if YoshiP and his team aren’t the better story tellers. I think I feel more of a human connection with the FFXIV team than I do with Blizzard, and I’ve only been playing FFXIV for about 2-ish months and I’ve been playing WoW for well over a decade.

I still rewatch the 2021 Final Fantasy fan fest closing session often (aka I’ve watch it at least a half dozen+ times… and I don’t think I can think of a single BlizzCon event that I’ve watched more than twice). YoshiP and Soken get me choked up in ways I cannot explain. That level of connection. That level of willingness to bare themselves in front of a global stage because of the friendship they feel for each other and that sense of devotion they have to their fans. It gets me rather misty-eyed. Every! Single! Time! I want more of this visceral feeling in the games I play. I want WoW to make me feel pride / sorrow / concern / regret for the characters I get invested in. I want to feel an emotional connection with Ion and Lore and Dave and Jen. While I’m hopeful there will be some positive changes at Blizzard with everything that is happening, I think it’s going to be a long while before I feel an emotional connection to them.

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