Goto Mogs

Nothing of substance, just an updated look for Aestalas. I find that there are a couple of looks for some of my toons that just stick and I use for what seems like forever. I have similar favorites for my nearly-naked gnome rogue and my tauren shaman (who, coincidently, is also nearly-naked). I really like the duster look afforded by the first tier of Shadowlands leather gear. As a motorcyclist, I would wear this.

HeadOnyx Glare-Reducers
ShouldersExaminer’s Monnions
ChestMiasma-Lacquered Jerkin (LFR version)
HandsAviana’s Grips
WaistHeedless Pugilist’s Harness (LFR version)
LegsVolatile Sadestitch Legguards (LFR version)
FeetSpiked Irontoe Slippers
WeaponRanseur of Hatred

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