Alt-friendly-ish (aka the wait for 9.1.5’s REAL alt-friendly changes)

I’ve leveled several toons through Shadowlands to level 60. With the exception of a Monk and a Warrior, I had at least 1 of every class at level 60 and renown 40 before 9.1 landed on us. I’ve done the Necrolord campaign 4 times, Night Fae 3 times, Kyrian 3 times, and Venthyr 3 times. They had made some adjustments to the alt-friendliness of 9.0 and because of that, I didn’t find it difficult to get them caught up. Gearing is easy enough to get yourself LFR ready right when you ding 60 (provided you’re willing to buy/make some crafted gear).

I didn’t keep good notes about which toons leveled via the story and which ones leveled via Threads of Fate. However, I am comfortable saying only 3 or 4 leveled via the story and the the remainder of the 14 currently level-capped toons did Threads. I enjoyed being able to ADHD level my toons doing whatever random crap caught my fancy in any given moment. If I got sick of a zone in the middle of a bonus objective, I’d simply peace-out to another zone or do a dungeon. It was very calming knowing I was in control of my leveling experience.

My only gripes with leveling and end-game were:

  • The Maw starting experience being mandatory and not skippable.
  • The Covenant Campaigns not being skippable once you’ve completed them on another toon.
  • Now that the 2nd raid tier is out, Castle Nathria LFR for legendaries is going to be a longer queue.

That’s it. Everything else, I’ve enjoyed. I still have more toons I’d like to level to 60, but I don’t want to level them until the skips are in place.

I’ve put myself in a position to test out the 9.1.5 skips. I’ve just recently leveled a warrior and a monk to 60. These two toons are not going to do their Covenant Campaign, nor are they going to do the Korthia Campaign. These two toons will be testing the full skip of both Campaigns. In the meantime, they are stuck with only the first soul bind. I don’t really min/max soul binds and conduits. I just run with what feels okay to play. These two toons are able to do the Sanctum of Domination LFR without any issues, so I’m not sweating the missing soul binds. Perhaps with conduit energy going into the bin, I might care a little more about that borrowed-power system.

I have other toons that have completed their Covenant Campaigns, but are at different spots in the Korthia Campaign. These toons are going to test if it’s possible to skip the Korthia Campaign while you’re in the middle of it, rather than only being able to skip it at the beginning.

Then I have the the faction mains that are completely caught up with with Covenant Campaign, Korthia Campaign, and current renown cap. These 2 selfless toons are going to make sure I’m eligible for all skips.

I think my next round of “what if?”s will be to try tanking in LFR. My DHs and DKs should be a piece of cake. Their gear is okay. My Paladin on the other hand, well, let’s just say it’s a good thing that they are OP enough to fake it in LFR with trash gear. So if you find yourself in a SoD LFR group with a BE paladin that’s a bit gimpy, say hi, because it might be me. It’s been so long since I properly tanked on a warrior, I’m not sure if I’m going to heroic leap into tanking LFR on her until I’ve had a couple successful runs on the other tanks.

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