Of Glamours and Mogs

Today’s title is inspired by the name of a band that sings a song about people losing themselves to the voices in their heads.

Seems all of the cool kids are posting what they are wearing in WoW and FF. I’m incredibly late to the game, guessing I’m just not as cool. /shrug

My two WoW faction mains are still wearing mostly the same thing they’ve been wearing for a while.

Aestalas (NE druid) is rocking the Castle Nathria LFR duster, legs and belt with hands, boots, shoulders, and off-hand from various other expansions, cloak is hidden, and main hand is a mace from Sanctum of Domination. While this picture doesn’t show it properly, his off-hand is a vial of yellowish liquid that matches the vials on the legs.

Lohattal (Tauren shaman) is still wearing basically the same outfit he’s worn since hidden transmog options have been in the game. The head and back are from the Tauren heritage armor set, the shoulders are from the Trial of Valor, the chest is hidden, the hands are from Drurotar, the belt is from Firelands, the legs from the garrison, the bracers and boots (ankle bracers for hooved toons) are from Molten Core, the dagger is from Blackrock Foundry (a cruel joke by Blizzard, he hasn’t found a new mace for the Doomhammer appearance in a while), and the shield is one of the Elemental Artifact skins.

So far, I’ve really enjoyed the leather sets from the two raid tiers we’ve seen in Shadowlands.

Knuhkles (Vulpera monk) is decked out from head to ankle in the Sanctum of Domination LFR set. His mace is also SoD LFR loot, his off-hand is a Kyrian covenant item bought from a token from Castle Nathria, the back is one of the Maw/Korthia/Torghast cosmetics.

Remda (Darkspear Troll priest) is wearing the Rhinestone Sunglasses, her shoulders and cloak are hidden, chest, legs, and boots of the Sally Whitemane appearance, bracers are from questing in Zangarmarsh, hands are from questing in Shadowmoon Valley (TBC version), belt is from Westfall, and the main hand and off-hand are Xal’atath artifact appearances (I believe it’s one of the PVP skins).

In the worlds of Final Fantasy, I only have one character. However, one of the best parts of Final Fantasy is the fact that you can play any job (equivalent to both classes and professions in WoW) on the same character. This allows you to fully invest yourself into one character, but not have to worry about only being able to dps, tank, or heal. You still have to level up each job from 1 to cap (80 being the current cap in Shadowbringers).

My paladin set is centered around a very important piece acquired from Heavensward; the Haurchefant shield from the MSQ (I use this a LOT in my paladin glamors). The sword and pants are from the MSQ. The head bought with Allagan Tomestones of Poetics. The chest is from the Aurum Vale dungeon. The gloves and boots came from my Grand Company (Maelstrom).

My summoner set is: chest (left in it’s undyed state) and arms (dyed Dalamud Red) from MSQ rewards. The grimoire (dyed Dalamud Red), legs (just happened to be the right color), and boots (dyed Dalamud Red) are items bought off the market board. The head (or rather feathers) is from the Brave New Y’shtola Attire which is a set from the Mog Store.

Her night out on the town/rave outfit is the Eastern Faire-goer’s Attire (Mog Store set dyed Soot Black) glamoured on top of her paladin set chest, legs, and boots with all other items hidden with Emporers New (whatever item slot). I did this because sometimes I forget to swap back to a fighting set and have found myself fighting in the dancing clothes. If I’m in a glamored paladin set, I won’t die. If I am actually just wearing glamor items, I die near instantly. It only took me about 6 million deaths (maybe a slight exaggeration) to realize I should just make it a glamor on a beefy set.

Also, a side note on FF XIV, I’m pretty certain I’ll be ready for Endwalkers when it launches. I finished the 5.0 MSQ and have started the 5.1 post-patch. My paladin and summoner jobs are at level 80 (which technically means I’m a level 80 scholar too and have the tank/heal/dps roles all covered, but I’ve never attempted healing yet), blue mage 38, fishing 80, botany and mining both 67, alchemy 76, and my other crafting jobs range from level 54 to 66. I will probably get through some of the post patches this weekend, but I plan on working on the Moogle Treasure Trove event that’s happening. The event has a nifty leather jacket, a couple of mounts, a couple of minions, MGP currency, orchestration rolls, and an awesome caster attire glamor set to be acquired. I believe I need about 500 or so tomes to get the must haves. I will probably be spamming the Praetoreum non-stop while I watch shows on Netflix or Prime. If the event distracts me too much, it will be another weekend or two for me to finish out the rest of Shadowbringers. Once I have the nifty bits I want from the event and all of the MSQ post patches completed, my focus will be leveling some of my other jobs. Ideally, I’ll get alchemy, botany, and mining to level 80. If I am able to put any focus on the other professions or blue mage, that would be a bonus. However, I don’t want to burn out just before Endwalker, so all these goals are flexible.

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