Mad Luck, Catnip, and the interim copium dosage

I’ve been sitting on this one for a while. I figured I’d finally add a little more to it, then button it up and toss it onto the InterVoid.

I never expect to see the holiday boss mounts drop for me, but the Headless Horseman finally handed over The Horseman’s Reins.

It was a bit of a shock to say the least. On the first day of running the dungeon, I saw a Mage get the mount in one of my groups. I pretty much figured this was going to be the closest I get this year. I’d been running random content and swapped to a server I keep lesser played toons on and realized my instance lock was up and I had a couple tanks on this server that could run it. I hopped on my Void Elf DK (that I leveled solely for the heritage armor) and queued up as a tank. This was his first time ever seeing the Headless Horseman, but I’ve got a couple DKs and their setups are all identical. Only thing this one doesn’t have is the big covenant button to press. We finish the run, he gets his Bring Me The Head of… Oh Wait achievement and I open my box and expect to leave group and log out. Imagine my surprise when I see a horse head icon flash real quick in the auto-loot window. Someone in the group whispers to me “Congrats! Just know that I might hate you a little bit over this. ;-)” and then /cheers me. Open my bags, and there it is. It is officially over, my search is done. Fate chose when I’d claim the reward. AH-HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Of course I had to put on a pumpkin head and take a pic in front of the clock tower. I will still queue up as a tank or healer each year to help folks out, because I know the DPS queue sucks. However, now I don’t have to think of it as a “farming” activity, it’s a charity event.

While on the subject of mounts, Blizzard put up a new mount on the store. It’s a kitty cat. Not a saber, not a cheetah, not a lion, but a cat. A posh domesticated house cat. I know some folks hate store mounts, but I don’t care. I’m rather indifferent on the source. With the advent of the WoW Token, people can earn this mount in-game by farming gold. Feel free to “/em spits on [my character]” all you want I’ll simply ignore it and enjoy my kitty chasing his tail.

Looking at my hunter on the Sunwarmed Furline with her other cats out, it occurred to me that I’m going to have to find a catnip supplier that sells in bulk. Perhaps I can learn to grow it at Sunsong Ranch. Who knows? I just know that this kitty presses all the right buttons to make me smile like a dufus.

I spent my first night of patch 9.1.5 playing with the free covenant swaps, lamenting on the lack of a true skip for the covenant campaign, and testing the ability to use other covenant transmogs and mounts.

Swapping covenants was a piece of cake. Talk to the representative in Oribos and you’re instantly part of that covenant. I did this on my shaman because he’d originally been in the Kyrian and swapped to Necrolord. When he swapped, he had access to his old soulbinds and conduit configuration. I then had him swap back to the Necrolords so he could hit renown 80 with them (more on that in a bit). Then I tried other characters that hadn’t been in another covenant before. If it’s your first time in the covenant, you have to do the first few quests that introduce you to your sanctum and your abilities. You get your first soulbind and then can immediately get the other 2. It’s probably 15 minutes to unlock the 3 soulbinds. During the course of unlocking your other covenants you’ll earn a couple more renown in each of them. One big note when you swap covenants: if your hearthstone is set to your previous covenant’s sanctum, it gets reset to Oribos.

I was going to have my Night Fae warrior skip the covenant/Korthia campaign and purchase the covenant campaign armor for anima. ‘Twas not in the cards for me. While it’s not necessary for you do the campaign on alts (or in your other covenants), you have to do it if you’re a transmog junkie like I am. I completed the campaign in one session. Having an item level of 200+ and being able to start at renown 40 allows you to just burn through the story line. If you combine the weekly Anima quest, Korthia fill-the-bar quest, Gather Souls quest, World Boss (old), World Boss (Maw), and calling quests into your journey through the campaign story, you’ll be renown 50+ and have your new covenant legendary memory. With this, I now have all the Night Fae campaign armor transmogs for each armor type unlocked.

I swapped my BE paladin to Kyrian and blitzed through that campaign, completing all armor types there too. He’s been in the Kyrian covenant for 2 weeks and is renown 72. He got there by starting at renown 40 and doing the weekly quests, all the callings, both world bosses and tanked Sanctum of Domination. I’ve had all the Necrolord campaign armor sets completed for a while now (first covenant to have all 4 armor types completed). The only campaign sets I’m missing are the Venthyr Cloth and Mail. Mail I’m working on by testing out the new leveling process on a hunter. I’ve managed to hit renown 80 on all 4 covenants, so all of my toons can use the mounts and armor-type-appropriate mogs from any of the covenants.

For a “filler patch,” I’m enjoying the various odd things to do and collect. I like that it’s a low maintenance patch that allows me to do whatever, even break for FF XIV. One thing I have been enjoying, if you missed me glossing over it above, is tanking LFR. I’ve successfully tanked all 10 bosses on a Warrior, a DK, and a Paladin and didn’t suck. If you’re not swimming in iLevel, you have to know the class’ abilities. I’m not sure which one I like tanking on the most, but I will be targeting specific bosses for transmog or domination gear for them. Many of my toons have the 3 piece bonus, even if it’s not always the BIS bonus. My hunter (yes, the same one pictured above playing with her kitties) somehow managed to get all 5 domination socket items in LFR and has the BIS bonus. I’ve got all the LFR armor transmogs minus the cloth helm. I ran my clothies through 3 bosses with 2 of them being helm droppers, so hopeful it will show up in one of their vaults tomorrow.

It would appear that the copium is being properly administered in the correct doses. I’m finding things to do to keep me amused and having fun vacillating between WoW and FF XIV.

In Final Fantasy 14, I’m just having fun acquiring Moggle Tomestones (got the leather jacket) and just randomly levelling whatever job strikes me at the time. I’m focusing on getting Machinist, Miner, and Botanist up next. The gatherers are easy, simply do the grand company gathering daily provisioning/supply missions and run the highest level levequests you can. The Machinist is leveling via roulettes and random side quests. Once I’m capped on the Machinist, I’m not sure if I want to do a melee dps or a healer next. Though, I probably won’t reach cap before Endwalker launches, so I will likely have a LOT of time to figure that one out.

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