Final Fantasy’s True Endgame … player housing

I finally decided to get off my lazy bum and go out and become a real adult. No more staying at questionable inns, I’ve got my own address. I feel like I should link The Jefferson’s theme song due to how big a deal player housing is.

Primal DC: Exodus Server: Mist: Topmast Subdivision: Ward 4: Apt 29.

I know that The Maelstrom gets a lot of hate from folks because “ew filthy derelict pirates.” Meh, I ride motorcycles. I’m used to society giving me the side eye, and I don’t care. I just click with the La Noscea zones and the grand company. I like that my GC leader is calm, cool, collected, and diplomatic; but if you cross her, or her allies, she’ll put a bullet between your eyes faster than you can blink. Also, the color red is my kryptonite. The choice for apartments was easy; I went to Mist. I love the beach and docks there.

Me and Kitty enjoying a little bit of the nighttime ocean vibes.

I’m a pretty simple person in real life, so my in-game home is pretty simple. I call it “Elena’s aBodhi” (Elena is my character’s name and “abode” + “Bodhi” = “aBodhi.” Yes, it’s stupid, but your dad will laugh their ass off at that cringe dad-joke).

The apartment is divided into 4 non-equal quadrants by means of an open air hallway that splits the left/right sides and a couple partitions that split the front/back. I like my spirits and food, so the largest part of my place is the bar / kitchen /entertainment area and it’s the first thing you see when you walk into the space. It takes up about 2/3rds of the width and about 2/3rds of the depth of the apartment. Come on in, enjoy some music, have a drink, and grab a snack. If you leave my place hungry/thirsty/sober, it’s your own damn fault. Everything is right there for you to enjoy. Note: after the bar picture was taken, I realized I was missing bar stools. That oversite has been rectified.

Bar / Kitchen / Entertainment (the door is to viewer’s left)

For more relaxed and conversational gatherings, there’s a living space directly across from the bar. There’s always hot tea available. It takes up about 1/3rd of the width and about 3/4ths of the depth of the apartment.

Living space (the bar is to the viewer’s right)

I learned about aquariums by means of leveling my fishing. My fishing is always my first class that reaches max level in each expansion. It’s super easy to level and is rather therapeutic. When I was first catching new fish, I’d always read the tool tip on them. With one random fish, I noticed “appropriate for tier 1 and 2 aquariums.” When I asked my Free Company about that, they told me to check out the FC house and take a look at their fish tank. That’s when I realized an aquarium would be one of many features I’d want incorporated in my player housing.

Aquariums adjacent to the living space

It’s no surprise that adventuring causes one to build up a stink. A personal bathroom (as opposed to the shared bathroom down the hall on my floor of the building) was a must. Yes it’s dark and the tub is black. I’m happiest when I’m bathing in low light. Water is my element and my eyes prefer the dark.

Bathroom (the aquariums are on the other side of the red wall)

I don’t have a lot of collectables, but I will eventually fill this space at the end of the hallway with more toys and favorite gear sets. I’m most fond of the Paladin and Machinist jobs, so I’m showing off one set of each. Eventually, I’m probably going to set up a tiered shelf here and have several toys and mannequins on display. I’ll probably hide a summoning bell and crystal bell among the mannequins too.

The “hallway” (bar to viewer’s left, living space to the right)

The only major space left for a true “home,” was a bedroom. However, I’m a geek in real life, so I wanted to also include an office into the mix. I was worried about how I’d fit an office into the space available to me. I’ve more than once lived in a one room space over the years, so an office bedroom made sense. All I had to do was find smallish items and do some furniture Tetris. I started by looking for small tables that could pass as desks. Once I found one that I thought might work well, I started looking at bed options. One of the first I discovered was the loft bed and that was all I needed. I can place items on the desk surface, use the stairs as shelves for displaying toys, and the stairs work to get me onto the bed on top for some /doze -ing.

Bedroom/Office (bar is to viewer’s left, bath is to viewer’s rear)

So that’s it. That’s my place. I’m all moved in and can now relax. Of course I’ll probably add/remove/move a few things here and there over time, but this is likely to be much like my Animal Crossing’s home (very few changes or remodeling).

A little reading to relax the mind after a day of moving.
A warm bath to relax the body after a day of moving.
A good night’s sleep after a day of moving.

Okay. Fine. I know you were expecting this, because I’m that predictable. Here’s The Jefferson’s theme. Are you happy? I know I am.


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