Lucky Doo is better than Lucky Don’t

I had been trying for years to get the Reigns of the Headless Horseman (basically since I first learned it was something I could farm each year). It took me running a random alt on a whim to earn me the elusive mount.

Enter BfA and the world boss Dunegorger Kraulok, which has a chance to drop the beloved alpaca mount Mollie. Throughout the entirety of BfA, I would run all of my max-level toons out to Vol’dun and try for the mount and would never see it.

Since Shadowlands launched, I’d missed a lot of weeks because I was focused on leveling and gearing. When I finally got around to trying it again, there weren’t very many people farming the world boss when I would get near it. As a result, I couldn’t pull off solo kills unless I was a max-level tank, healer, or pet-dps class.

This past week, I threw my usual suspects at him and noticed he was a very busy guy. There were lots of people around smacking him in hopes of the mount. I decided I’d trek my squishy max-level toons out there to poke at him. One of the times I was out there, I saw someone die during the fight. I was on a toon that could non-combat resurrect others, so I was a good player and saved them a corpse run. When I rezzed them I noticed they were not max-level, but somewhere in the mid-50s. That’s when I remembered the level 60 requirement was self-imposed. I can bring anyone level 50+ out there and give it a go.

I hopped on my Light-forged Draenai Paladin, that I had originally leveled solely for the heritage armor, but had found myself leveling recently because I will eventually force myself to learn to heal as a paladin. He was level 56-ish and in tank spec. When I flew out there, the mob had just spawned and some clothies were just itching to start attacking him, so I started smacking him. I figured I’m a tank and 6-ish levels above the relevant level for him, so I should be fine. I was very wrong. I was dipping really low and tossing all the heals I could muster on myself and thinking there was a corpse run in the cards for me. Next thing I know, I see these big green wings appear in front of me and I lose aggro to a Necrolord Vengeance Demon Hunter. I was okay with that. At that point I just focused damage on the boss and helped to keep the adds centered around me, my temporary new dh friend, my Rain of Fire aoe friend, and my Blizzard aoe friend. When the boss goes down, I find a Slightly Damp Pile of Fur in my loot window.

Baaros and Mollie

I think this is a sign that I should spend a bit more time on my lesser played toons.

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