First 2 weeks of Sepulcher of the First Ones

This isn’t much of a post, but I haven’t posted in a while, so I just dumped my disjointed thoughts down. I’m thinking of putting a brain dump together on my thoughts of Zereth Mortis campaign after we finish the campaign next week.

Week 1, First night (2 hrs):

We tackled Vigilant Guardian, Skolex, and Artificer Xy’mox on the first night. VG and Skolex wasn’t a problem. However, we hit a bit of a wall on Xy’mox that night. I got re-specced from Balance to Resto (my internal dialog was squealing with joy because I love tree-hugging-hippy-healing) and we got closer.

Week 1, Second night (3 hrs):

We poked at Artificer Xy’mox and got him down. Apparently we just needed a little bit of a breather between pulls and he became quite doable. Halondrus (tier legs) was a hard wall. Several pulls and we just had to admit we couldn’t pull it off without a little more gear. We head over to Dausegne and take her down pretty painlessly. Prototype Pantheon we had a couple pulls on to get familiar with them. We ran out of time for the night, but I believe we probably could have mustered that “last pull magic” with another pull.

Also, my brain is silly. Does anyone else’s brain see Dausegna’s name and break out in the Oscar Meyer Bologna song?

Myyyyyyyyy Dausegna has a first name… It’s F A L L EN…
My Dausegna has a second name… it’s O R A C LE
I love to fight her every week… and if you ask my why I’ll sayyyyyyy….
Cause World of Warcraft has a way with D AU S E G N A.

What’s that? Your brain doesn’t do that? Apologies for dropping an ear worm in anyone’s ear.

Week 2, First night (2 hrs):

This week we went in the other direction. Vigilant Guardian and Dausegne were one-shots. We headed to Prototype Pantheon and got them down in 2 pulls. First one was a refresher for some of us and first time for those that missed the prior week pulls. Lihuvim (tier gloves) we were able to take him down in 3 pulls. It probably could have been 2, but my internet wigged out on me during the second pull putting us down down a healer. Next thing we know, time was up for the night.

Week 2, Second night (3 hrs):

We head in the other direction and took out Skolex, Artificer Xy’mox, and Halondrus too. We took several pokes at Anduin just to get familiar with the fight. That is a seriously busy fight. He’s going to take some gear and some more learning.

I think I have a decent handle on what is needed for each encounter and I know I will feel a sense of achievement when we have these guys all on farm. I’m really looking forward to the creation catalyst. I received Malodorous Gristle-Sown Spaulders in the great vault at iLevel 272. These will become my tier shoulders (flatulence and all … these leave a buff on you that says you “smell like death” and causes you to fart when you zone in anywhere or land from a flight point).

2 thoughts on “First 2 weeks of Sepulcher of the First Ones

  1. We call him the Sausage Boss!

    Our raid teams are a little bit behind you with only a short look at Anduin so far. But the first bosses are becoming farm and we’ll get a lot more time on him soon.

    I love the farting! I have a trinket that makes me cry and I can hear my character sobbing on the loading screen.

    1. I’ve pugged a little bit with our main tank too, just to see some of the fights more times. He’s already pugged and killed Andi enough to have the raid skip and has downed Dread Lords and Rygalin. I’ve done a sub-10% Andi pull, but haven’t down him yet.

      I love that trinket. I think they shadow nerfed the farting as I don’t hear it anymore. I love gear that has personality and the lack of flatulence has me missing it. /cry

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