Light-forged turned Sin Eater

Baaros isn’t the golden boy he once was anymore. He got mixed up in that situation in ICC with Bolvar and Tyrande. I guess he’s finally going through that goth/industrial stage of life (of which I gleefully approve). For Protection, both Venthyr and Kyrian are a lot of fun. For Retribution, Necrolord is crazy powerful. Been told Venthyr is great for Holy, but I still don’t heal on a paladin yet. I’m just having fun soloing most of the Zereth Mortis rares.

HeadDread Sentinel’s Ebony Headgear (from Venthyr campaign helm)
ShouldersColdrock Pauldrons (shield side is hidden, from Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra)
BackFreehold Cape (not really visible in these pictures, I wanted something short/color matched)
ChestSinfall Venthyr Vestments (from Venthyr Renown quartermaster)
WristHidden Bracers
HandsHardened Castle Crushers (from Castle Nathria raid)
WaistSinfall Venthyr Sash (from Venthyr Renown quartermaster)
LegsSinfall Venthyr Leggings (from Venthyr Renown quartermaster)
FeetValinor’s Ground Pounders (from Castle Nathria raid)
WeaponXy’Rath’s Signature Saber with Sinwrath illusion (from Xy’rath in Zereth Mortis)
Off-handTruthguard (appearance from Legion artifact weapon)

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