Sepulcher of the First Ones progression

Again, I’m not feeling very creative, so I’m just brain dumping over the course of several days and grabbing scissors and tape to try and piece it into something cohesive. Bare with the monochrome image in these puzzle pieces of words.

We are now 10/11 (N) and 1/11 (H) in SotFO. The raid row will be full in the Great Vault and I am super stoked. I’m still a little bummed that Blizz won’t allow for Master Loot in raid groups. Now that I’ve got a 2-tier bonus (Mythic Dungeon Helm and Normal Lihuvim gloves) I’m sure I’ll wind up seeing the pants during the next reset. That is my luck, as was the luck with a couple others in our group in previous weeks. I would love to funnel gear to other raiders, but can’t. Even though I’ve got some mythic dungeon gear (notably pants and shoulders ear-marked for it) that will be getting the tier conversion treatment in another 2-ish weeks.

I’m comfortable in saying that we’ve got pretty much everyone except for Andi and Xy in the first 8 on-farm. Xy’mox is a bit of mixed bag for us. We keep seeing inconsistencies in the encounter that have occasionally made for glorious wipes. Even still, if we wipe on the first pull we nail it on the second.

Anduin is a different story. Our team reached him last week, but just couldn’t nail it. This week, we got it in a couple tries. I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to down him again in just one or two pulls this coming week.

We spent 3 hours banging our heads against Rygelon (Algalon’s Emo sibling) and Dread Generals, though we wound up understanding the fights and spanking them both. The Dread Generals was so much fun. The mechanics had me giggling like a fool. I was fully expecting our DK with slappy-hands to troll us when everyone one becomes hostile to each other. We ended the night with 2 pulls on Zovaal and made pretty good progress but hit the wall of raid time. I’m pretty confident we’ll wind up able to do more than 2 pulls on him this week and also confident that we’ll be able to down him. Here’s hoping that my next raid update sees 11/11 (N) and the beginning of the Heroic crawl.

We’ve also poked at Vigilant Guardian in heroic both in our guild group and via a few of us pugging. A couple guildies (main tank, heal lead, our warlock, and I) pugged Heroic Guardian last night. After a couple wipes, our tank asks me if I have a tank spec setup (he didn’t care if it was optimal, just talents chosen and spells on my action bars) so I swap to check what my setup was and he starts the pull timer. It was a “WTAF?!?!?!” moment, but I just rolled with it. Long story short: I had to help pick up adds that were eating anyone other than the main tank and be able to use my taunt and mitigation to allow him to drop stacks once the Guardian is active. One pull and we got it. It amused me to no end.

I’m also sitting just a couple points away from a Mythic+ score of 1500. This season, I plan on getting the Key Stone Master achievement for the red mount. I REEEEEEEEEEEEALY like the red one.

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