Helloooooooooo Creation Catalyst.

I was toying with photo-chopping the Animaniacs on this picture to match the title, but meh-ffort. The vault didn’t have anything of note for me this week, so I thought I’d play around with the Scars of Eternal Strife trinket for grins and giggles. With the creation catalyst being active this week, I was able to convert a set of M+ shoulders into tier (Helloooooooooo 4pc bonus) and liked the way they looked. I decided to change up my look around them. There are plenty of folks that are super critical of the tier appearances and I share similar criticisms for the cloth and plate sets. However, I am rather fond of the leather and mail sets.

With this transmog, I tried to blend the Progenitor theme into Night Fae plants and leaves, choosing the background location of stone behind tree to accentuate that Progenitor/Night Fae dichotomy. Everything was coming together nicely until I got to the boots. I knew what I wanted, but did not have anything that matched both the theme I was going for and the color scheme. I saved the appearance and came back to it later. After strolling through the leather boot options, I loosened my “requirements” and just started to look for colors (red, silver, white, brown, silver, and blue [preferably blue gem or blue glow]). Then I found them. It was from a Legion PVP season 4 set that looks like they took most of the colors I wanted, put them in a blender, poured it into a boot mold, and then stuck a gem on it for good measure. I’m rather pleased with this look.

HeadHeadpiece of the Fixed Stars (SotFO HC Tier)
ShouldersShoulderpads of the Fixed Stars (SotFO HC Tier)
BackDrape of Fall’s Promise (Death’s Advance quartermaster)
ChestEbony Death Shroud Vest (Venthyr campaign)
WristHidden Bracers
HandsHandwraps of the Fixed Stars (SotFO HC Tier)
WaistCinch of Unity (ZM campaign completion, also SotFO N Tier)
LegsLeggings of Fall’s Promise (Death’s Advance quartermaster)
FeetFerocious Combatants Dragonhide Moccasins (Legion Season 4 PVP set)
WeaponG’Hanir, the Mother Tree (Resto Druid Legion Artifact PVP appearance)

The coloring in the picture is a little muted, so here’s the link to this set in Wowhead’s Dressing Room.

2 thoughts on “Helloooooooooo Creation Catalyst.

  1. Nicely done!
    The Druid set is one of the ones from this Tier that I think is okay — or at least has some interesting mix-and-match possibilities — and this outfit shows that off to good effect!
    My Druid is going to need to spend some time in ZM grinding out those Sandworn Relics and Cosmic Fluxes 😀

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