Wasn’t sure I’d hit KSM this week aka SQUEEEEE!

I’m so ecstatic. I cannot put into words how awesome this feels. I was looking at the finer details of Mythic+ rating and where my scores were sitting for each dungeon (on both Fortified and Tyrannical weeks) and I thought for sure there was no way I’d pull off the achievement this week. Still, I just kept throwing myself at +16 or +17 versions of whatever dungeons had the lowest overall ratings and BOOM! It happened. I have my awesome guild to thank for getting me started on this journey. They gave me a huge head-start by doing our weekly get-a-mythic-item-in-the-vault runs. I hope that we can get more guildies their shiny red mount, because it’s sooooo pretty.

4 thoughts on “Wasn’t sure I’d hit KSM this week aka SQUEEEEE!

  1. Grats.
    I think (and see) that still being in the Of The Queue group from the Blizzard Watch guys is pretty cool. I remember back when that group formed and I wish you all well.

    1. Thank you. We’ve got an eclectic team for sure. Our raid team ranges from age 20-ish to 50-ish and we all groan at each others humor.

      The well wishes are returned. Heroic progression is a beast for sure. But so much fun.

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