“Hard Mode” and KSM for guildies

Have been running M+ regularly. Most weeks, all 3 M+ slots in the vault are max iLevel. As a bit of a break, a couple of us decided to do the hard mode of Tazavesh and Mechagon for the mounts. The Taz one was pretty easy since Mythic 0 is last season’s difficulty level. Upon completion everyone got the Tazavesh Gearglider mount. The Mechagon one was even easier, or so we thought. The final boss’ hard mode was difficult. In the end, we decided to simply brute force it rather than do the mechanic. If you’ve got the gear, you can ignore the pattern recognition thing and just burn the boss before the group blows up. The Mechagon hard mode only awards one mount, so your party of 5 will have to run for 5 weeks or do 5 alt runs.

Another bit of M+ excitement is that there’s a couple folks in the guild that either never thought they’d be really pushing M+ or never thought they’d be getting KSM and the mount. Well little did they know that a couple of us in the guild were secretly conniving behind their backs to help them get there. One of them could mathematically get it this week, but will definitely have it next week. Another will need to wait till next week due to low/missing rating on two or three dungeons. While I continue to enjoy trying to push as high up into the keys as I can, I’m more excited about the guildies’ KSMs than I am about possibly timing 20s for the dungeon portals. Hoping that perhaps as the season progresses, we’ll be able to get more in the guild their Purple Kool-Aid mounts.

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