The little big things

As mentioned here, a couple of us in the guild have been trying to help a couple guildies on their journey to KSM. To be clear, this isn’t a carry situation. This is simply a couple of us making sure that folks are able to get into the keys they need when they’re available to run them, because life doesn’t always give them time when it’s most convenient for the rest of the world. Our little band of misfits in the guild keep odd hours across multiple time zones, so we tend to be around at the inconvenient times. When we group up, it’s usually 3 or 4 guildies and we typically look for a DPSer or two that has listed their key and is lonely in the group finder. We’ve met some really cool folks this way.

Getting back to the point though, after raid last night, one of my guildies asks me if I’d be able to heal a 15 Iron Docks. I told him I didn’t care what I heal, any dungeon would be fine. He replies with something along the lines of “I need a 15 Iron Docks and only a 15 Iron Docks.” It caught me off guard because he doesn’t “NEED” anything at a 15 because his vault is already filled with max M+ options, but whatever. He’s kind of an odd character, so I just ran with it. After the group forms, he sends me a message to look at for this guildie and specifically look at fortified Iron Docks. There it was. I was pretty sure that mathematically it could happen this reset, but he went and found where the numbers were. We cruised through the dungeon at a decent clip and timed with with 4-ish minutes left on the clock. When the boss went down, there is was. Guild toast for KSM! The 3 of us hopped on our Grape Kool-Aid mounts for the obligatory group picture.

We’ll be adding the other guildie mentioned in that previous post to the picture sometime this coming week. I’m still hopeful that we’ll be able to get even more guildies their KSMs this season.


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