Not done yet. Still have work to do.

Due to people moving (both in real life and in-game), the KSM wave puttered out for a while there. Last night, we finished up Jakjak’s KSM journey and have made a decent dent in Ohsata’s io score too. We should have hers finished up next week, so be on the look out for another Grape Kool-Aid picture in a few days.

The title of this post is from Dr. Liet Kynes in the miniseries version of Dune. For some reason, his words in the desert have been running rampant through my head. Truth be told, I know the reason, but I’m playing dumb so that I can enjoy the endorphin boost of reconnecting the thought processes every time I “hear” him say it in my head. That’s a story for another time though.


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