Dragonflight launch

Just a blurb, but wanted to post something about the launch.

Got a 3-ish hour late start into it, so not as far along as I hoped I would be. I know there were folks who had a problem getting on the boat/zeppelin to the point they created a portal too (which had some issues too), but that was sorted out by the time I logged in. So far, it’s playing nearly identical to how Beta went (except that this time, I’m actually reading the quest text and watching the cutscenes).

Being an iLvl 301 guardian druid is making the questing blitz by pretty quickly. Queued for the Ruby Life Pools and just completely disrespected the dungeon. Started slow to see what kind of damage the group was taking/doing and realized I was not in danger of dying. So pulled more and realized I could pull as much as I was comfortable mitigating and dpsing. Over-geared bear is stupidly broken for leveling. I highly recommend it. This is going to be a LOT of fun.

3 thoughts on “Dragonflight launch

    1. Most definitely, yes. Still working on optimizing the vigor use/regen. Still have some glyphs to collect too. Finding old druid habits of insta-shapeshifting to travel form after fighting to be inefficient. Hard habit of 15-ish years to break. Trying to get into the new habit of mounting the dragon after combat ends.

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