Got the next guildie their grape Kool-Aid mount last night and made a noticeable dent in another’s M+ score.

Jakjak there, without his purple drink mount, should be able to get his shortly after the next weekly reset. I’m having more fun getting folks through the io requirements than I am with old farms, so I’m gonna keep riding this wave. With an actual launch date of end of November for Dragonflight, I know we’re probably a month-ish from the end of the season. The window of opportunity is going to be closing soon, but we’re going to sneak as many through the window as we can in the meantime.

Another one achieved. I’m super happy

Our band of misfits got another KSM last night. Looking at a couple guildies that are doing M+ and are getting close, we’ve set our sights on yet another person who’s wanting to keep pushing. I should be posting yet another picture like this in the next couple of days.

We even did this last night while I was feverishly foggy-headed. Doesn’t it just give you the warm fuzzies knowing the person keeping your group alive is dealing with some sort of plague?

The little big things

As mentioned here, a couple of us in the guild have been trying to help a couple guildies on their journey to KSM. To be clear, this isn’t a carry situation. This is simply a couple of us making sure that folks are able to get into the keys they need when they’re available to run them, because life doesn’t always give them time when it’s most convenient for the rest of the world. Our little band of misfits in the guild keep odd hours across multiple time zones, so we tend to be around at the inconvenient times. When we group up, it’s usually 3 or 4 guildies and we typically look for a DPSer or two that has listed their key and is lonely in the group finder. We’ve met some really cool folks this way.

Getting back to the point though, after raid last night, one of my guildies asks me if I’d be able to heal a 15 Iron Docks. I told him I didn’t care what I heal, any dungeon would be fine. He replies with something along the lines of “I need a 15 Iron Docks and only a 15 Iron Docks.” It caught me off guard because he doesn’t “NEED” anything at a 15 because his vault is already filled with max M+ options, but whatever. He’s kind of an odd character, so I just ran with it. After the group forms, he sends me a message to look at for this guildie and specifically look at fortified Iron Docks. There it was. I was pretty sure that mathematically it could happen this reset, but he went and found where the numbers were. We cruised through the dungeon at a decent clip and timed with with 4-ish minutes left on the clock. When the boss went down, there is was. Guild toast for KSM! The 3 of us hopped on our Grape Kool-Aid mounts for the obligatory group picture.

We’ll be adding the other guildie mentioned in that previous post to the picture sometime this coming week. I’m still hopeful that we’ll be able to get even more guildies their KSMs this season.

“Hard Mode” and KSM for guildies

Have been running M+ regularly. Most weeks, all 3 M+ slots in the vault are max iLevel. As a bit of a break, a couple of us decided to do the hard mode of Tazavesh and Mechagon for the mounts. The Taz one was pretty easy since Mythic 0 is last season’s difficulty level. Upon completion everyone got the Tazavesh Gearglider mount. The Mechagon one was even easier, or so we thought. The final boss’ hard mode was difficult. In the end, we decided to simply brute force it rather than do the mechanic. If you’ve got the gear, you can ignore the pattern recognition thing and just burn the boss before the group blows up. The Mechagon hard mode only awards one mount, so your party of 5 will have to run for 5 weeks or do 5 alt runs.

Another bit of M+ excitement is that there’s a couple folks in the guild that either never thought they’d be really pushing M+ or never thought they’d be getting KSM and the mount. Well little did they know that a couple of us in the guild were secretly conniving behind their backs to help them get there. One of them could mathematically get it this week, but will definitely have it next week. Another will need to wait till next week due to low/missing rating on two or three dungeons. While I continue to enjoy trying to push as high up into the keys as I can, I’m more excited about the guildies’ KSMs than I am about possibly timing 20s for the dungeon portals. Hoping that perhaps as the season progresses, we’ll be able to get more in the guild their Purple Kool-Aid mounts.

Jigglesworth Sr., Season 4 KSM, and alt M+

The Fated raids were a treat. For simplicity’s sake, we opted to run the raids on normal mode. Many folks in the guild get their gear from M+ and the vault, so this was basically just a nostalgic trip-down-memory-lane of all the raids for this expansion. We knocked everything down each week at a leisurely pace. The mount looks amazing and of course it looks great with the accessory companion pet Jiggles.

Aestalas on Jigglesworth Sr. with his companion pet Jiggles.

Season 4 KSM achieved on first day of of week 3. I know a couple toons that have purple mogs in their closet that will be cleaned and pressed to accessorize with the Restoration Deathwalker mount. Except for Aes and Raz. Aes will be fluctuating between druid-y looking xmogs and mostly-nakedness. Raz will likely always be a mostly-gnaked gnome.

Grape Kool-Aid mount achieved. Purple mogs incoming!
The final stretch of KSM s4…..

Season 4… Mythic+ and Fated Raids

We’re 2 weeks into the new season and I’m sitting with a M+ score of 1990. Just 10 points away from from KSM and the grape Kool-Aid mount. I only need to time a single 15+ this coming reset and that will take me over the 2000 required for KSM. It would have been possible to already have KSM if I pushed a little harder the first week, but I don’t want to burn myself out. A couple of us have been spamming dungeons fairly regularly, even going so far as to take some alts through a few dungeons (or 4 when it’s the Mythic dungeon weekly).

I love Grimrail Depot and voted for it. Hate me if you must, but it’s sooo fun.
M+ and Fated raids…..

Rygelon, The Jailer, and AOTC, oh my!

Weird headspace, so short post. Just wanted it actually posted before season 4 hits.

Rygie down on the first raid night of the week of July 5th, post-nerf. Even post-nerf, it’s a tight fight with very little room for mistakes. While I thought the mechanics were pretty cool, they were just too over-tuned. We slammed our heads into this brick wall for 3 raid nights and damned if we weren’t aggravated with this fight. EVERYONE was on edge with this fight. We pugged a few folks to help fill a couple holes in our composition for the night we actually downed him. Rygie can go home with his bro Algie from Ulduar and never come back.

Zovie down on the first raid night of the week of July 12th. Again, needed some pugs to fill in for some holes in our line up, but damn if it’s not a good feeling to have him out of the way.

Not sure what the team will be doing for the next couple weeks, or what we will be doing for season 4. Time will tell. In the mean time, a few of us are having fun running M+ and gearing up some baby alts through low-key M+.

Andi & Lords down … Father’s Day alt run!

Been sitting on this one because laziness and extreme frustration/depression with how the country is spiraling and regressing. I’ll just dump a few sentences down as proof that I’m still alive and the guild is still progressing.

We got Andi down during the week of June 7th (for this post, “week” means WoW’s weekly reset that starts on Tuesday). We were banging our heads against him for a couple of resets. We got to a sub 5% wipe which got our hopes up. With a couple folks out due to health issues, we had to pug a few people to fill the ranks for the night of the kill.

We wound up not progging on the week of June 14th, due to one of our nights being Father’s Day and the other due to health issues. We did an alt run of the first several bosses on Normal. I brought my Tauren shaman and /moo -ed at everyone throughout the night. Between that and a handful of pugged M+ runs, those are the extent of my cross-faction experiences in 9.2.5.

The week of June 21st we were able to get Lords down on the first night of prog with the “last pull of the night” magic. It’s a healer boss for sure, so make sure you’re built for big throughput. We were a group of 2/3/6, due to a few DPS still being out.

Rygie isn’t too terribly different from Normal, with the only real difference being the sepia toned world (or downstairs phase as some call it) has an extra mechanic that requires the healers to keep a cooldown or two in reserve. However, it’s tuned so that there isn’t much wiggle room for “oopsies.” We’re able to transition him through both phases, so we’ve seen the entirety of the fight. We just need to get him to transition a couple more times. I’m hopeful we’ll get him down this week (week of June 28th). I would love to get him down and be able to take a couple swings at Zovall this week too.

Tolerance vs. Toxicity

I finally did it. I snapped in an M+. I finally hit the point where I told someone to F#@% Off. The rest of the group joined me in telling the fool that he was a toxic piece of crap. You cannot berate people in a dungeon because things are not going your way. Especially when you’re just as much to blame for some of the pulls going sideways.

It was a Necrotic Wake +16 (Tyrannical / Inspiring / Quaking / Encrypted). Tank initially seemed pretty chill. Group was Monk tank (toxic POS), Druid heals (me), MM hunter (a guildie of mine), Fury Warrior (funnily enough a random pug that turned out to be a long lost friend of the hunter), and a Boomie druid (random pug).

We had at least 1 wipe on every boss. Each due to an oops by any of one or more of us in the group. For the record, I owned every mistake I made (the first one being I forgot to double check my gear before the key was placed and ran with my boomie leggo rather than healing). I’m not perfect and will never claim to be. Various full wipes on trash. Each wipe, the tank got more and more roid-ragey. As we got closer to the end of the dungeon, he seemed to be focusing his anger towards the boomie. My guess is he realized me, the hunter, and warrior were interconnected and would back each other up. So the poor druid (who already confided in us that they were having a rough night) was the object of the tanks rage. When we finally downed the last boss, he unloaded on this poor druid and wove a tapestry of obscenities that, as far as I know, is still hanging in space over the Necrotic Wake (props to you if you can name this reference). And I snapped. So did the hunter. So did the warrior. We let him know in no uncertain terms (and with language that was equally as colorful as his) that his behavior was unacceptable. He was pissed because “the F#@%ing druid got the loot” that he was hoping for. It wasn’t the druid he unloaded on. It was me. I didn’t need the item that dropped. Neither did the other druid. However, because of his outburst, I decided that I wanted to keep it for transmog reasons. I think all four of us immediately /ignore-ed him.

Was my reaction with the loot petty? Probably. Was it justified? Maybe. Would I do it again? Abso-f#@%ing-lutely! You reap what you sew. Keys are weird sometimes. Sometimes you get an amazing composition of people and you just rocket through them. Sometimes you get less-optimal groups and you just have to muscle through it. Sometimes it goes so far south that you need a step ladder to reach the bottom of a whiskey bottle. At no point is toxicity something that should be tolerated (and never should it be rewarded).

Humorous aside, I was checking my information and notice that the monk in question either server transferred or name changed. Guessing his reputation “tanked.”

We spent some time chatting with this druid and trying to build his spirits back up. Hoping we’ll get to have him hang out with us during one of our raid nights, because he can use a positive experience in WoW.