“Triumphant” return to raiding?

Right place, right time?  Depends on if you’re asking me or the guild.

Perhaps “triumphant return to raiding” aren’t the right words. Perhaps “Let the bodies hit the FLOOOOOOOOOOOOR!” is more appropriate. To further clarify, when I say “the bodies,” I’m including mine in the list of said bodies.

A request was sent out for bodies to fill the raid group for Fallen Avatar and Kil’jaeden. Requirement was 890+ iLevel and DPS role. Well, Aes fits the bill. So for me, it was definitely right place, right time. The group takes down both bosses. I tanked the floor for a while on both fights. I flubbed the mechanics. I’ve read the fight notes, but haven’t committed them to memory. I haven’t even seen them in LFR yet.

I hadn’t logged into Discord since before the move from Florida, so while I was pushing up daisies I was trying to get that re-situated. I finally got it sorted out just as the team kills Kil’jaeden. So I’m able to use it when we next kill pixels in ToS.


So perhaps I wasn’t the best body to fill the vacancy. Still, I wasn’t completely useless when I was alive. I did contribute, a little.

I left the raid seeing the final cut scene and wound up with some goodies:


I can’t complain at all at my luck tonight. It’s a first step at getting back into raiding.


Changes and transitions 


Since leaving central FL on 2017/05/13, I’ve effectively stopped playing WoW. I’ve logged in on occasion to handle mail, auctions, kick off missions (until I ran out of resources), occasionally try the Mimiron’s Head and Ashes of Al’ar runs on a toon or three, and claim the pets/mounts that I’ve collected via the WoW shop. However, I have not really played. I’ve missed 7.2, class mounts, and Tomb of Sargeras (yes I can still enjoy the content, but it’s old news). Patch 7.3 is out now, and I’m about to be relocating again.

I’m not leaving the state, just the current residence. Long story that’s not worth the telling, but I’m looking for a room for me and my computer system and a garage for my motorcycle and my tool box. I’m looking at a couple places in Beaverton (west southwest of Portland rather than southeast of Portland). I will be returning to Azeroth sometime in October.


So even though I’ve not been in game much, I’ve got a few more mounts and pets anyways. Paid for the BlizzCon virtual ticket and got the Stormwind Skychaser and Orgrimmar Interceptor mounts. Picked up the bundle with the Luminous Starseeker mount and the Twilight pet. Picked up the Shadow pet as the contribute-to-charity pet Blizz seems to offer each year. Also headed over to Seabreak Isle in Azsuna and got the Squirky.

Though I’ve been effectively logged out, I’ve been content in being able to keep in touch with my guild members through slack and twitch. I’ve even been able to meet Alvi (of Alvilda’s Abstrations) from Denmark too. Color me happy.

Also, I’ve been able to get back into Kung Fu. One of my Kung Fu brothers that moved to Portland 10 years ago decided he wanted to teach his kids the Wah Lum style of Kung Fu and worked with Sifu Mimi to get himself certified to teach. Now he’s my Sifu here in Portland. Right now, the class is comprised of 4 of us. I’m hoping to see it grow a lot in the coming weeks and months.

I’ve got pictures from my journey across the US. I will wind up compiling them into something cohesive, when I’m not working from my laptop (how I’ve been interacting with the online world since May 13th, that or my phone).

Slowly getting back into the groove.

I’m still kicking. The divorce is still fucking with my head and affecting my socialization with others. I’m hiding in the hidey hole of my bank guild most often, I really need to figure out which toons are going to be appearing back in the guild and start with the whole socializing thing. Aestalas is still in and level 110 and raid-worthy. I’ve leveled the demon hunter to 110. I did enjoy the leveling experience of havoc, but love the undyingness (yes, I just made that word up) of vengeance for those tough quests with many mobs. Don’t know how much I’m really going to do on that toon now that she’s maxed. I’ve brushed off the fury/prot warrior. Once again, I’ve found that I still really love fury warrior. I like the prot off-spec for those tough quests too. She’s a high contender for socializing in the guild again. Other contenders for the guild are assassination rogue, and marksmanship hunter.

Blah blah blah and an xmog>>>>>

Feeling the itch…

…like a junkie coming down off that thrill…hardcore withdrawal symptoms.


My personal life never recovered from its up-ending. I don’t know if I’ll be putting the details of my personal life (or rather what was my personal life) up on this blog space. Suffice to say, things change.

My WoW friends have been there with me during it all. Even though I wasn’t logging in to the game. They were there to lend an ear, or just keep me company when I didn’t have anything to say, but didn’t want to be alone.

My thoughts are as choppy as this entry. Perhaps my eloquence will return in due time.

I will be sticking my toes back in the pool.

Moose Carries…social media…and friends…

Hopped on to play a little bit on the gnome hunter, for shits and grins. After a couple of invasions, Fussypants (of Growing Up In Azeroth) messages me and asks if I’d be able to heal a Moose carry.


I didn’t have any pressing plans so I dove into the pool. It was smooth and painless. I even wound up with an belt upgrade in the process. After the fight, the raid leader asks if I could stick around for another run or two. Again, no pressing plans, so stuck around for a few moose runs (I think it was about 8 runs, I lost count).

It was fun. I found out that the raid leader (@malkarii_ on twitter) was streaming the carries on Twitch. I’m famous on the internet now. Woot!

In other news, due to things going on in real life, I’ve decided to jump back into social media. This means, @bodhirana on twitter is alive again. Perhaps this means I’ll be a little more vocal here too…maybe.

Defender of Azeroth: Legion Invasions

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been occupying a lot of my time in the pre-launch event with my demon hunter. I have been slowly knocking out the invasions on all of my toons. The guild has been regularly sending groups out to throw bodies against the waves of demons washing across Azeroth. It’s a fun bit of distraction while we wait for the 30th.

Before Legion’s launch, all of my toons will have the Stand Against the Legion achievement. My faction mains and demon hunter(s) will have Defender of Azeroth: Legion Invasions.

Since 7.0 has landed on us, I have not really been digging on my cloth wearers. As a result, I’m not farming invasions on them. They’ll all get their 2 initial invasions (and whatever upgrades that nets them) and that’s where they’ll stay until Legion hits us. I bought the Ensemble: Fel-Infused Cloth Armor so that I’d have all the xmogs without the need to farm on the clothies. RNGeesus is a twisted and sadistic bastard. The 2 clothies that I’ve taken through the invasions have been lucking out with double drops on the big loot chests. At this point, the only cloth item I haven’t collected is the helm. As long as my mage doesn’t get it, then my purchase of the ensemble wasn’t a waste of shards. Truth be told, I’m expecting RNGeesus (that cheeky bastard) to be pointing and laughing at me after my mage opens the first small loot chest.

All of the leather mogs have been acquired. Of the mail items, I’m only missing the helm and boots. Of the plate, it’s helm and gloves. I’m still farming those on toons though, so they’ll be acquired in short order. As of this point, I’ve acquired all the items mentioned by Bubbles of Mischief to be picked up during the Broken Shores scenario.

Only 2 weeks away. I’m still trying to maintain a low level of hype. Though, I’m looking forward to launch landing on us.

Heroic Gear…feel the burn!

Over the weekend, the guild “finished up” heroic HFC post 7.0. I’m using the quotes because Iskar is seriously BORKED-THE-FARQ-UP at the moment. Be careful, if you get hit with the fel flame lazer, you could be burning for the remainder of the fight. Also, be careful, if there’s fire on the ground that isn’t showing up and you walk through it, you could be burning for the remainder of the fight. We finally had enough and said FARQ-IT.

We one-shot both Manny and Archie. SQUEEEEE!!!!!!!! Fortune smiled upon me as I was the only one going after the vanquisher trinket token. So I’m rocking the  heroic class trinket (Seed of Creation), which is sitting quite nicely with the full heroic tier set (Oathclaw Wargarb). I noticed Kazzak’s item drops have been buffed up a bit. So I need to try and nab some goodies from him too.

Jumping in on the add-on discussion bandwagon>>>>>