Mount gods are kind to me this month.

I guess the universe has taken pity on me. Real life has been a bit of a roller-coaster these past few months. So it had given me the consolation prize of Ashes of Al’ar at the beginning of the month.

Was about to call it a night after a couple of unsuccessful attempts of getting the Headless Horseman to drop The Horeseman’s Reins and finishing all the Argus dailies on Aestalas. Then I remembered, I had Argus leather tokens to give to my Demon Hunter. Gear her up, then figured “Meh, why not? It’s only a 20 minute run.”


Tonight, I got the elusive Mimiron’s Head. I now have to find something else to do as a space filler after the weekly resets. I’m not complaining, it’s just that Mimiron’s Head has been a part of my weekly WoW life for several years. So now there’s a part of me that feels like I might have to run it on occasion just for shits and grins (perhaps there’s some cloth mogs in there that I don’t have yet).

Oh! I know! I can get back to farming Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker. Yes, I said…


Moar Mounts

I didn’t think much would be happening in my WoW life this weekend. I’m in the middle of another move. I’ll fill in more on that later.

So I decided to sneak in a little bit of time in for 2 quick mount runs. I’ve got the Ulduar Mimiron’s Head run down to about 20-ish minutes for a full clear and the Tempest Keep Ashes of Al’ar run down to about 10 minutes. I love running them both on my Fury warrior. Whirlwind all the things to victory. Plus, she’s an engineer, so she uses Wormhole Generator: Northrend to teleport directly to the steps of Ulduar and uses the Ultrasafe Transporter: Toshley’s Station to port to Toshley’s Station in Blade’s Edge in Outland.

Imagine my surprise when this drops for me this afternoon. Color me ecstatic.


You can’t take the sky from me

I was torn on the title. Was thinking the song from Seal, but I did that last expansion. So I chose Firefly.


With my personal life still in a transitional state, I haven’t been dedicating a lot of time to Azeroth. Though, some would say I still have my head up Azeroth’s ass well enough. They’re not gamers, so their opinion doesn’t matter. Also, I’m a grown (legally speaking) man with no familial or property responsibilities, so fuck it. I do what I want.

Anyways, back to the point. I’ve been keeping my eye on the requirements for flight in Legion and doing what I can.  I unlocked flight for my account. I was a bit put out about the invasions requirement, because the invasion schedule was just ridiculously inconvenient for me. There were a couple of days when the invasions happened when I was sleeping or at work, so could not participate in them. Though, I was able to knock out all the invasions before I got the Armies of Legionfall rep to revered. Still, I’m happy they took that part out. It penalized folks that aren’t lucky enough to have their bills paid for them.

I’m enjoying this gated flight mechanism. It does force you to experience the zones in a way flight removes. There’s challenge to going somewhere. My only gripe is how long it takes for Blizz to enable flight. I shouldn’t be working on my 5th or 6th max level toon before flight is enabled. **note: that’s my personal opinion and you’re allowed to disagree with me. **also note: you will not change my mind.

Moar mounts (meant to post last month)

I’ve been pushing Aes through the Suramar quest lines. I have to say, I really like the progression of the Nightfallen story. Once again, I like the tie in between the questing and the raids.

Once again, I managed to get more mounts to add to the stable.


The Heroes of the Storm thing took me by surprise. I figured I’d wind up just dual-boxing my way through the matches. That proved to be a bigger pain in the ass than it was worth. So I grouped up with folks. I had a lot of fun with it. Played Tyrande and was actually figuring out my ass from a hole in the ground. When teamed up with Gul’dan, Tracer, or Muradin, it wound up being a powerful duo. It’s definitely going to be a fun way to waste time when I don’t feel like logging into Azeroth, but want my gaming itch scratched.

Moose Carries…social media…and friends…

Hopped on to play a little bit on the gnome hunter, for shits and grins. After a couple of invasions, Fussypants (of Growing Up In Azeroth) messages me and asks if I’d be able to heal a Moose carry.


I didn’t have any pressing plans so I dove into the pool. It was smooth and painless. I even wound up with an belt upgrade in the process. After the fight, the raid leader asks if I could stick around for another run or two. Again, no pressing plans, so stuck around for a few moose runs (I think it was about 8 runs, I lost count).

It was fun. I found out that the raid leader (@malkarii_ on twitter) was streaming the carries on Twitch. I’m famous on the internet now. Woot!

In other news, due to things going on in real life, I’ve decided to jump back into social media. This means, @bodhirana on twitter is alive again. Perhaps this means I’ll be a little more vocal here too…maybe.

2 hours fishing!?!? In a video game!?!?!?

I think the title says it all. Last night, after Team Sadomasochist finished up the achievements for Glory of the Draenor Hero, I wasn’t quite ready for bed. I still had some whiskey left to drink, and I’d heard of the garrison fishing raids being a good way to fish up the Riding Turtle and Nat’s Lucky Coins. I gave it a shot.

I’d previously fished up enough lunkers from around HFC’s moat to purchase the Crimson Water Strider. In the 2 hours (give or take a bit) I fished up the Riding Turtle and enough of the coins to buy Nat’s Drinking Hat  and the Draenic Fishing Pole.

I’m planning on using this as a time filler. When I don’t really have anything pressing to do, but can’t actually devote enough attention to the game to do anything of substance, I’ll pick up enough coins to purchase the Sea Calf and the Land Shark (not to be confused with the Left Shark). I’ve occasionally seen both pets on the AH for a decent amount. If I can pick up some extras to sell on the AH by mindlessly clicking on a computer next to me, more power to my wallet.

Another transmog swap out…

I’d posted in the Corrupted Hateshatter Xmog entry my (until recently) favorite transmog for plate wearers. The bulk of the armor is from MoP blacksmith recipes, with a BC monocle and a Cataclysm sword. I am still using this transmog, however, not on my warrior. My RP worgen deathknight is rocking this wardrobe.

My warrior recently became another of my engineers. With the engineering portals becoming toys across the account, it became too much of an enticement. I like playing the game, not waiting for a damned gryphon to lollygag around the damned continent. So the portals play a very important part in my playtime. I only wish the portals would work for the group. Though, I guess there has to be a compelling reason to keep mages in the game. For the record, I suck at being a mage. I don’t begrudge anyone that enjoys being a mage or excels at being a mage. Mages are just at the bottom of the list of classes that I want to play.

Oh, hey, look at that. I derailed my train of thought. How unusual for me.

Trying to get back on point>>>>>