Just dinged 60 on a Venthyr Paladin. This brings me up to 11 toons at cap. As soon as the number 11 flittered through my head, I immediately though of Stranger Things. It’s rather fitting, as it is a strange thing that I’ve got 11 level-capped toons before an X.1 patch has been released. I’m enjoying the flexibility in leveling this expansion. I enjoy knowing that I can level a toon to cap and within a week or two of capping, I’ll have a new mog available. There are so many things to collect in this expansion and I’m having the time of my life doing it. I’m getting closer to realizing my BlizzCon 2019 predictions.

Current Covenant Roster…..

The Light at the end of the XMog tunnel.

My honey and I have been doing the super casual thing lately. We’re unable to commit to any set raid schedule, so we just do random whatevers to amuse ourselves. She’s delved into the world of FF XIV. It’s a lot of fun seeing her adventures and comparing them to the world of WoW. Also, I really hope Blizzard gets their head out of their asses about player housing. We occasionally run LFR on like-armored toons so we can share xmogs with each other or run Torghast for fun. We legitimately like Torghast.

On the LFR front, I’ve completed the Leather and Mail xmog sets. Now I only run those toons with her so I can increase her chances of getting the missing few pieces she needs, or if I have time and want the 1K+ Anima. Though, with the anima changes due to across-the-board sanctum upgrades, I might start running full LFRs on my mains again since it will be possible to get nearly 2K anima. The plate set is only missing the boots (which can drop in 2 wings, so I have kind of a “bonus roll” for those). The cloth set is still missing 4 pieces.

I’ve knocked out the remaining heritage armor sets recently. It’s astounding how quickly you can level your toons since the leveling revamp. Regardless of which expansion(s) I take my toons through to level, I make it a point to do the Legion opening quests (skipping the scenario portion) so that I can get the Dalaran hearthstone unlocked and access to the class hall. Then I do the WoD opening to establish a garrison so that I have another hearthstone option. Ports are amazingly useful. Also, I always do the cooking and fishing daily quests in the classic faction cities, Northrend Dalaran, and the garrison because they are a great source of about half a level in total. I think most of my allied race toons have close to a dozen levels earned this way because I didn’t feel like playing them some days, but still did the cooking/fishing dailies so that I could say I did something on them.

Soooooo many alts…..

Who wears it better?

During the course of running the HFC(N) on cloth toons for specific xmog items, I wound up getting the Archimonde transmog set (the Demon Prince’s Ascendant Crown, Mantle of the Eredar Lord, and the Demonbuckle Sash of Argus). So, of course I decided to have someone sport the Archie set. Raz, my flamboyant gnome rogue, would normally be the one to wear mostly naked xmogs. However, this is a cloth set, so I thought either Klingar (a mage who was created to be an homage to Klinger from M.A.S.H) or Trixxi (a goblin warlock). I added in the Grungy Containment Pack because more fel-green is cool here. So I have to ask, which one looks better in their Archie cosplay?

Scantily clad toons abide here…..

Heritage Armor

I have a strange love/hate relationship with the Heritage armor. To clarify, I love the ga-nome heritage armor. I hate that I cannot mog it on every engineer. It would look awesome on a dwarf engineer warrior. Perhaps somewhere down the road, it will be opened up to anyone who’s exalted with Gnomeregon.

For the core races, I’d only done the ga-nome heritage armor. For the allied races, I’d only done the Highmountain Tauren and Kul Tiran. I’ve been itching to get some more of sets, because they have some amazing designs. I decided I’d make it a point to get them all.

Within the past week, I’ve unlocked a few sets: Zandalari Troll, Tauren, Dwarf, Blood Elf, and Goblin.

This has caused a bit of a shake-up for one of my characters. Ever since Cataclysm, my Tauren Shaman has always been using the Headdress of the First Shaman as his helm transmog. ALWAYS! That changed this week with the changes to the barbershop and the addition of the Tauren heritage armor. He’s now using the Ancestral Chieftain’s Headdress and Ancestral Chieftain’s Totem (the head and back pieces of the heritage armor). I also added some body paint to match his transmog and added the feathers on his head at the barbershop. I’m pretty pleased with his set.

Wherein I blab a bit about leveling/rep-grinding and show off a sexy mog …..

I can feel your anger. IT’S FABULOUS!!!!

Please just let me indulge in the mash up of Star Wars’ Emperor with South Park’s Big Gay Al in the title of this post. It makes me about as happy as the new xmog item we have now. Blizzard has released another subscription reward. The Sprite Darter’s Wings transmog is glorious. It’s a set of fairy wings and… um… well… other pieces of gear too, I guess.

Seriously, the rest of set is adorable. However, the wings and the mask are the real MVPs of this new set. When I saw them, I knew that the wings were all my flamboyantly naked rogue cared about. I think the only thing that would make this xmog any better is if WoW added a pride flag pennant that I could put on his back.

It’s really just the simple things that make me giggle. Equally amusing to me is the amount of hate that this set is garnering on-line. People are legit pissed off at Blizz for this set. Some are even pissed off at the set itself. I’m just sitting in SW in front of the fountain in the trade district /dance-ing with folks in my fabulous new set of wings.

For the haters, I understand there is nothing that can be done to make them feel better, so I leave this last bit dedicated to the haters (yes, I’ve posted this song before, but it never seems to be not-relevant)…

Post-publishing Edit: Raz glitched out after mogging the wings. He was on a flying mount, but didn’t appear mounted. He looked like he was doing the “chariots of fire” run through the sky. I call this his Icarus impersonation.

Raz’s Icarus impersonation.

“Completed” with that which shall not be talked about

I haven’t really felt like focusing on anything significant since I completed the hidden artifact appearances and getting to rank 8 and doing the mount quest in Fight Club… er… I mean Brawler’s Guild. I spent some time on Sunday getting the last of the achievements left over for Brawler’s Guild and making sure to …
/tar Robert Paulson
… several times.

When I thought I was done (even having gone back again to get what I thought was ALL of the shirts from rumbles), I find out there was another shirt that I missed. Not overly worried about it. I have more shirt mogs than I’ll ever use. Still, I feel like I really need that shirt I’ll never use. That was my night before pre-patch.

Once pre-patch lands on us, I think I want to focus on getting my 2 mains their 470 ilvl upgrade (or whatever the new post-squish ilvl is for the horrific visions rank 3 crafted items are) to their alchemy trinkets. I know that they’ll be making good use of the heal potion buff well into SL. I’ll be making sure to finish out my druid’s Rajani reputation to exalted and buying the perma-rune to use into the next xpack. Other than that, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing. Random mog runs, sure. Random Jaina mount runs, hopefully. However, those are just random things that occur on a whim. I don’t have any pointed lists of things I want to focus on. I guess I’ll just figure it out as I go.

Hidden Artifact Appearances

With the news that artifact transmogs will become class-specific, instead of spec-specific, I decided that I’d fill out my collection a smidge. I decided that I’d go after the hidden artifact appearances. I’d had a few across the classes, but the collection was far from complete. It all started when I learned what the Corrupted Ashbringer ret-pally appearance looked like. That was what started the avalanche.

WoWhead’s guide on the hidden appearances was an awesome aid. Everything was laid out nicely and in sufficient detail. A couple of places it could have used a “this item has a respawn timer, be patient” note. For the most part though, it was great.

This week, I did it. I got the last of the 36 base spec appearances. The other 3 tints for 30 Legion dungeons, 200 World Quests, and 1000 PVP kills is not complete, but it’s close. Prior starting this endeavor, there were only 4 classes on which I had not found at least 1 hidden appearance (Demonhunter, Mage, Priest, and Warrior) prior to BfA’s launch. Meaning that on the other 8 classes, I’d already unlocked (or was very close to unlocking) the Legion dungeon, World Quest, and PVP tints. Between the base hidden appearances, the dungeon tints, world quest tints, and PVP tints, there are a grand total of 144 appearances. I’m only missing 11 of them.

Here’s my list of remaining appearances.

ClassDngn TintWQ TintPVP Tint

I’m not in a rush to finish these. Though, they will be finished quick enough. The dungeons are the only real commitment because they have to specifically be Legion dungeons. The world quests and PVP will just happen as I’m normally playing on those toons. Maw of Souls is the quickest Legion dungeon to spam. Most of my toons can clear it in under 5 minutes. So that’s the one I use to fill in my dungeon count. To avoid burnout in the dungeons when I decide I’m going to dungeon spam, I queue for battlegrounds to break up the tedium and to also eat up time to keep me from hitting my 10 instances per hour limit.

Time Killers

Random thoughts that bring up songs is always a big amusement for me. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures. With that said, I give you Time Killer (aka what is an MMORPG after all) by And One.

As the expansion is coming to a close, I’m finding myself being less interested in finishing up 8.3 items and more into mindless amusement of random time killing mechanisms.

What do I want to finish up on 8.3? Or at least, think about possibly finishing up or not. Or maybe, I just put this on my Shadowlands lull list. Who knows?

  • Do enough heroic visions on my DK to get the corrupted mementos mount. I’m over the half-way mark. I could probably just make it a weekly routine at this point. At reset, buy as many vessels as I can with the 2 currencies and run Horrific Visions until I’m out. Then do assaults and World Quests as I want to farm currency.
  • Get my druid to Exalted with the 8.3 reputations (he’s my reputation mule, so it’s strange to me that this late into the expansion there are reps that he’s not exalted with yet).
  • Finish up the remainder of the 7 day Bumbles achievement. I honestly can’t recall if I’m at day 2 or 3.
  • Pick a toon and do the month-long 8.3 bug mount acquisition.
  • Farm an alpaca or 2.
  • Do the Pterradax quest line on my Shaman. I did the Bee mount quest on the allie side, so it’s only fitting that I get the Pterradax too.
  • Farm some more gold so I can purchase the remaining faction mounts.

What have I actually been doing instead of the above?

  • Working on acquiring the hidden artifact appearances. I’ve got 30 of the 36 spec base-appearances. I will say that the disparity on acquisition of some appearances is appalling. For the hunter, you can simply buy 2 of the appearance. For others, you have to pray to RNGeesus and attain exalted reps. Or, you have to jump through ridiculous hoops and then pray to RNGeesus. I will get them all, and I will hate Blizzard a little more because of it. Regarding the Dungeon/WQ/PVP tints, I’ve got a smattering of them across many classes.
  • Fight club… er… I mean Brawler’s Guild. I got to rank 8 and did the amusing murder mystery quest line. At current gear levels, many of the Brawler’s Guild fights can be cheesed. However, even cheesing it, there’s some fights that are a major pain in the butt. Mechanics matter even at iLvl 465 with 145 corruption.
  • Random transmog runs. Molten Core and Black Wing Lair sets on a couple of classes to name a few.
  • Playing Fall Guys and Animal Crossings. After completing Carrion, I wanted another easily playable time waster to saddle up next to Animal Crossings. Fall Guys is great. Plus, it is freaking adorable (and infuriating too, but endearingly so).

Honestly, I had grander ideas for this post. I just am having a hard time putting much effort into writing about WoW or gaming in general. Between the pandemic curtailing most of the activities I enjoy in my off-time and my state (as well as the neighboring states) being on fire and making the air-quality hazardous, it’s just really hard to get excited.

Trial of Style Laughs

The other night I took place in the Trial of Style for the first time EVER since it’s inception. It was a lot of fun and I got to see a lot of both amazing and trolling mogs. One of the themes was “Ready for Battle.” I submit to you my gnome rogue (who normally is running around nekkid) wearing green rags and dual wielding the Stinkrot Smasher. Obviously, I was trolling with this mog. It made enough folks laugh that I got 2nd place with it.

Over 2 nights, I was able to get all the mogs for each armor type. Currently there are 3 sets for all 4 armor types. Seasons 1, 2, and 4 were the only seasons that gave armor ensembles. The other seasons gave a shirt and in-contest consumable vanity items. I was also able to win 1st place on a few toons to be able to buy the Fashionable Undershirt. It is similar to Precious’ Ribbon, in that when you wear it you have a cosmetic buff (“Fashionable” for the Trial of Style shirt and “Best in Show” for the shirt from Precious).

Smile Transmogrification

I’m not going to lie here. I’m more than a little excited with the artifact transmog news going around. The spec limitation is gone.

If you’re a BM hunter that wants to use Thas’dorah, Legacy of the Windrunners (MM artifact) as your weapon mog, you’ll be able to in the pre-patch (9.0). If you’re a shaman that loves the Doomhammer (or even its off-hands), but doesn’t play enhancement, you’ll be able to use them.

I logged into the 9.0 PTR and tested the limitations. While I didn’t get screenshots of the hunter situation, I can confirm that BM hunters can chose Thas’dorah, Legacy of the Windrunners in your “Bows” section of the transmog interface. However, you cannot find it in the “Legion Artifact” section unless you’re in MM spec. While the “Legion Artifact” section still allows you to use artifacts of your current spec regardless of weapon type equipped, the actual weapon types (Bows, Polearms, Swords, etc.) follow the same rules we’re all used to. Every artifact main-hand and off-hand item has been added to its proper category (as well as still being in the Legion Artifacts section).

To really put this to the test, I hopped onto my shaman (restoration) that has a staff equipped. In the transmog interface, the only options I could find are the 2-hand Axes, 2-hand Maces, Staves, and Legion Artifacts. In order to use a 1-hand Mace and Shield transmog on top of a staff, I had to choose Legion Artifact and pick an appearance of Sharas’dal, Scepter of Tides (restoration artfiact). You cannot use the elemental fist/shield artifact combo nor the enhancement dual-mace artifact combo on top of a 2-hand weapon.

Restoration shaman with a staff can only use a mace/shield mog if they choose the restoration artifact. Otherwise, 2-hand transmogs are the only option. Here I’m using Sharas’dal, Scepter of Tides (restoration artifact) on a staff.

When I equipped a fist weapon and a shield, the main-hand options changed to 1-hand Axes, 1-hand Maces, Fist Weapons, and Legion Artifacts. The off-hand option was only Shields.

If you select Legion Artifact, the only options available are the different tints of Sharas’dal, Scepter of Tides. The elemental fist/shield artifact combo and the enhancement dual-mace artifact combo were not available.

If you select 1-hand Maces, you can select enhancement’s Doomhammer or Fury of the Stonemother (Doomhammer’s magma off-hand mace). If you select Fist Weapon, you case select elemental’s Fist of Ra-den. For the shield, The Highkeeper’s Ward (Fist of Ra-den’s shield) is an option. Meaning, if you equip the correct weapons/off-hands, you can use the enhancement and/or elemental artifacts as restoration.

Restoration shaman can use the 1-hand main-hand and shield mogs from enhancement and elemental only if they equip a 1-hand weapon and a shield. Here I’m using Fury of the Stonemother and The Highkeeper’s Ward on a fist weapon and a shield.

This combination of magma mace and firey shield is something that I’ve wanted to be able to use on my Ele/Resto shaman since I learned of them during WoD. The happiness is very real and immense. No transmog is needed to show the smile I’m sporting.