It’s the little things

I’ve been absent from Azeroth quite a bit lately. Some has been due to traveling (4 weeks so far this year for the job, 1 week with friends). Some has been due to my girlfriend traveling to visit me (2 weeks there, but damn how I wish it was longer). I’m back again for a while.

Where in I blab >>>>>


Guild Adoration

It’s been a while since I’ve fawned over my guild in this blog. Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to be a regular attendee of the guild events. Sunday night was the Hallow’s End party for <of The Queue> and our (we-need-a-higher-cap-for-characters-in-our-main-guild guild) <of The Queue Too>.

The officers really go out of their way for these events. Tonight was no exception.

guild love here >>>>>

Well…I didn’t suck (also pumpkin xmog)

…of course, I wouldn’t say I was all that good either. I can tell that G’Hanir, the Mother Tree wasn’t properly tended to while I was MIA from WoW. I need to get heads down in AP acquisitiion and make some adjustments to talents/play-style. Wednesday, I was invited to the ToS (N) to take on The Fallen Avatar and Kil’jaeden. I hadn’t even run the LFR by that point. Tanked the floor for a bit on those two fights.

Today, Fussypants from Growing Up in Azeroth invited me to a ToS (H) run with the guild. Earlier today, I’d refreshed my memory a bit on the fights and run it completely on LFR. So I had the mechanics down a little bit better, but hadn’t spent too much time looking at the heroic differences.  We got to Kil’Jaeden and called it for the night. Over the two nights, I wound up with warforged normal tier shoulders and heroic tier cloak.

there be pumpkin xmogs here>>>>>

Slowly getting back into the groove.

I’m still kicking. The divorce is still fucking with my head and affecting my socialization with others. I’m hiding in the hidey hole of my bank guild most often, I really need to figure out which toons are going to be appearing back in the guild and start with the whole socializing thing. Aestalas is still in and level 110 and raid-worthy. I’ve leveled the demon hunter to 110. I did enjoy the leveling experience of havoc, but love the undyingness (yes, I just made that word up) of vengeance for those tough quests with many mobs. Don’t know how much I’m really going to do on that toon now that she’s maxed. I’ve brushed off the fury/prot warrior. Once again, I’ve found that I still really love fury warrior. I like the prot off-spec for those tough quests too. She’s a high contender for socializing in the guild again. Other contenders for the guild are assassination rogue, and marksmanship hunter.

Blah blah blah and an xmog>>>>>

Defender of Azeroth: Legion Invasions

As mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been occupying a lot of my time in the pre-launch event with my demon hunter. I have been slowly knocking out the invasions on all of my toons. The guild has been regularly sending groups out to throw bodies against the waves of demons washing across Azeroth. It’s a fun bit of distraction while we wait for the 30th.

Before Legion’s launch, all of my toons will have the Stand Against the Legion achievement. My faction mains and demon hunter(s) will have Defender of Azeroth: Legion Invasions.

Since 7.0 has landed on us, I have not really been digging on my cloth wearers. As a result, I’m not farming invasions on them. They’ll all get their 2 initial invasions (and whatever upgrades that nets them) and that’s where they’ll stay until Legion hits us. I bought the Ensemble: Fel-Infused Cloth Armor so that I’d have all the xmogs without the need to farm on the clothies. RNGeesus is a twisted and sadistic bastard. The 2 clothies that I’ve taken through the invasions have been lucking out with double drops on the big loot chests. At this point, the only cloth item I haven’t collected is the helm. As long as my mage doesn’t get it, then my purchase of the ensemble wasn’t a waste of shards. Truth be told, I’m expecting RNGeesus (that cheeky bastard) to be pointing and laughing at me after my mage opens the first small loot chest.

All of the leather mogs have been acquired. Of the mail items, I’m only missing the helm and boots. Of the plate, it’s helm and gloves. I’m still farming those on toons though, so they’ll be acquired in short order. As of this point, I’ve acquired all the items mentioned by Bubbles of Mischief to be picked up during the Broken Shores scenario.

Only 2 weeks away. I’m still trying to maintain a low level of hype. Though, I’m looking forward to launch landing on us.

Having fun with the new hotness…

I have decided to drink the Kool-Aid. I rolled up Zewell (my first demon hunter) and enjoyed the hell out of it. The starting zone was a lot of fun. Fairly straight forward and nowhere near the time sink of the DK or Panda starting zones.

They’ve taken the nifty-ness of turning into a demon away from warlocks and given it to the demon hunter. They’ve taken the mobility of the monk and said “Pffft! You think that that was mobility? Check this out… *points at double jump, glide, fel rush, and the ability combine any/all of them all into amazing feats of acrobatics in the battle field*” They’ve taken the sexiness of elves and merged them with bad-ass-ness of the Draenai devil horns to come up with an amazing model (both male and female…and both Alliance and Horde). Melee dps is not my typically preferred play style, but this is very engaging and amusing. This class is such a change in fighting paradigm, that I’ve even changed my rules for armor transmog. Since this class is all about demonic power and mobility, I wanted the armor to appear to be non-inhibiting. As per my normal, I pulled items from almost every expansion with this set (only missed MoP). Demon Hunter xmog goodness and an odd bit of WTF!?>>>>>