My toons

I’ve got plenty of toons. However, I’ve got a couple of toons that are near and dear to me.

Aestalas – Night Elf Druid and my true main. For a long time, he was a bear tank. Then Cataclysm made bear tanking fairly unbearable. So I learned how to tree-heal. I enjoy the hell out of resto druid healing. It just fits me. So I’ve leveled as kitty and healed in dungeons and raids. Except for Warlords of Draenor. In WoD, once my barracks was level 2, I took a tank body guard and finished the leveling experience as a healer.

Lohattal – Tauren Shaman and my Horde main. The Tauren race is my favorite race in WoW. The reason my druid main isn’t a Tauren is that all my friends were Alliance when I first started playing. However, that didn’t stop me from enjoying the Horde experience. Since my Allie main was a healer with an agility off-spec for leveling, I wanted to be able to do the same on the Horde side. Shaman healing is surprisingly easy to adjust to when compared to druid healing. My Vuh’Do setup for the two are almost mirror images (differences being cast-times).

Goezer – Worgen DK. This is a toon that I should have rolled up on a RP server. I’ve had fun developing her character. I’ve even written an origination story for her. For the entirety of Wrath and Cataclysm, Blood DK was my favorite tanking toon. Blood DKs are nearly unstoppable in PVE content.

Minaescule – Human Warrior. In MoP, DK tanking didn’t feel right anymore. So I went back to my warrior. It felt like tanking was supposed to feel.

Sijye – Orc Monk. Never quite got the hang of raid healing on her. However, I loved healing 5-person instances on her.

Tindala – Gnome Hunter (was originally a Night Elf {imagine that} but she’s race and faction changed a couple times).

Razloppesk – Gnome Rogue. This is another toon that I should have rolled up on a RP server. He’s a stripper. It’s not unusual to see him on the fountain in SW (or in front of the AH) naked and /dance-ing. His call in /2 was “Raz’s lock picking and lap dancing. If you leave a tip, I guarantee you’ll get wood.” So I carried around a ton of Simple Wood to give to people that tipped. It’s cheesy and I’m a dork, deal with it. However, it worked. I can’t count the number of times I was given another couple of gold just for making them laugh when they caught the joke.

Tiravianna – Gnome Warlock. She was originally a Demonology warlock, but swapped to Destruction for the Green Fire quest. This is yet another toon that should have been rolled up on a RP server. She’s Raz’s sister and spends most of her time exasperated from the ridiculous shenanigans of her brother.


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