Tracking Macros

Slack Programming
Slack Programming

For a long time, I’ve been wanting to make tracking toggle macros. As in a [Track Humanoids] button that turns on the track humanoids option. If you click it again, it turns it off.

A long time ago in  a galaxy far far away… those abilities showed up in your spell book and could easily be added to your action bars or used in a macro. Now, they’re hidden in API function calls.

Today, while playing on her hunter, my honey says “I wish I could make a macro for Track Humanoids” and it reminded me that I wanted to do this for my Druid too.

Whelp… since she wanted it, and I was thinking I should figure it out one day, today was the day. The end result is something that I can share, so here you go. If you want to do any of the others, like Track Beasts/Demons/Hidden/Giants… just create a new macro for the different tracking type and change the part that says “Track Humanoids” to “Track Beasts” or “Track Demons” or whatever you are looking for that’s on your mini-map tracking. Make sure you use the text as you see it on your mini-map icon. “Find Herbs” for herbalism. “Mailbox” for mailboxes. Yada yada.

/run for i=1,GetNumTrackingTypes() do local spell,_,status=GetTrackingInfo(i) if spell==”Track Humanoids” then SetTracking(i, not status) end end

As of 8.3, it works for both Hunters and for Druids in Cat Form.

Geek crap for those that are curious…..

Classic Macros and Bodhi habits


I’ve given up on 8.2’s content, I just don’t care to log into retail currently. In fact, there’s not much that will convince me to do so. I believe these may be the only conditions that get me to login:

  • I see the words “Data Anomoly” in WoWhead’s “Today in Nazjatar and Mechagon…” post, I’m still farming that Mechagon hearthstone toy. I literally sit by the data anomaly for hours on a couple of toons waiting for the random rares to appear (only to feel the disappointment of knowing this is the “engaging content” that Blizz wants us to spend our time doing, repeatedly, for weeks/months).
  • my honey requests to do something in retail (like leveling some alts)
  • The Nazjatar emissary is up (Aes is still my reputation mule, after all)
  • Mechagon’s daily is get 6 chests (which is more time than I want to spend in Mechagon, but it is the shortest daily there).

Redemption, of sorts…..

Follow up to yesterday’s travel macro.

I decided to test the change to include Dash/Tiger’s Dash and it works. The /stopcasting had to go, but we already knew that. This works for Dash and for Tiger’s Dash, if you’ve specced into the talent. You don’t have to change the macro for Tiger’s Dash. Tiger’s Dash is a replacement for Dash. Using the replaced spell in a macro calls the replacement spell. In other words,  leave this macro exactly like this and don’t worry about editing it if you spec into or out of Tiger’s Dash.


Updated macro and explanation…..

Can they get any more convoluted?

Yeah, I still breathe. Yeah, my girlfriend and I are still addicted to WoW. Yeah, I still like talking/writing about it. No, I haven’t been very active here lately (life happens). I have no idea if this is the prelude to increased activity in the near future, or if I’m just able to toss some words at the internet at the moment (only to disappear for another period of time). I make no promises, other than to toss you some words (hopefully laced with some personality and usefulness).


I love macros. I’m a programmer IRL, so it only makes sense that I’d enjoy some form of automation (easily repeatable processes). I’m also a creature of habit,  so the more I can make one thing act like another thing when interacting with them the better.

Geektastic automation recipes…..

Now for something completely different…

My post yesterday was me waking up from a seriously stupid bout of depression. Pay close attention to your minds folks. It’s really easy to let your internal demons troll you. It will affect your relationships, your health, and your interactions at work…and that’s bad, m’kay.

Now, onto my subject for today. Macros.


I try to make my toons as uniform as possible. Back when, when every class needed 5 million action bar buttons (I might be exaggerating by a million or two there), button space was very precious. I made it a point to group rarely used utilitarian spells into a single macro to conserve space.

Various macros of varying degrees of usefulness>>>>>

Mountactular weekend.

I only needed 2 more mounts for Mountactular, so I decided that this would be the weekend I got it.

One was a result of having enough Champion Seals to snag another mount. How anti-climatic is that for a blog post? Fear not. The next one will more than make up for it.

The second mount was going to be from a simple raid achievement. I only need Only the Penitent to finish off Glory of the Firelands Raider (and get the Corrupted Fire Hawk).

I know. This one sounds pretty non-blog worthy too. It should not have been blog worthy either. Bear with me.

Of mounts and scrubs>>>>>