First week in to Dragonflight

… and I find myself completely distracted by IRL. In a good way.

I’m not doing a lot in the game currently. I log in and run heroics and mythic 0s to help gear folks, farm pixels for the grumpy old bastard and the playa, and then I log out.

I will say that I’m happy that being distracted isn’t a problem with my player progression. Considering how much time I spend (or more aptly, don’t spend) doing “chores,” I’m comfortably geared at an item level of 365. I’m sticking with my mostly naked purple transmog for a while. I’m using it as a tool of shame for my IRL self to get back to the gym. It’s working a little.

So much cool xmog and I run around like this…

Aes has been dealing with the summer heat with a comfy and VERY breathable xmog. I also decided to use the dark ranger skin and eyes for a bit. I’m probably going to be going back to the eyes that line up with the facial scars that represent the burning of Teldrassil, but for now he’s rocking the edgy look.

Aes SL s4
Aes’ cool and comfy look in SL season 4
Xmog details…..

Tolerance vs. Toxicity

I finally did it. I snapped in an M+. I finally hit the point where I told someone to F#@% Off. The rest of the group joined me in telling the fool that he was a toxic piece of crap. You cannot berate people in a dungeon because things are not going your way. Especially when you’re just as much to blame for some of the pulls going sideways.

It was a Necrotic Wake +16 (Tyrannical / Inspiring / Quaking / Encrypted). Tank initially seemed pretty chill. Group was Monk tank (toxic POS), Druid heals (me), MM hunter (a guildie of mine), Fury Warrior (funnily enough a random pug that turned out to be a long lost friend of the hunter), and a Boomie druid (random pug).

We had at least 1 wipe on every boss. Each due to an oops by any of one or more of us in the group. For the record, I owned every mistake I made (the first one being I forgot to double check my gear before the key was placed and ran with my boomie leggo rather than healing). I’m not perfect and will never claim to be. Various full wipes on trash. Each wipe, the tank got more and more roid-ragey. As we got closer to the end of the dungeon, he seemed to be focusing his anger towards the boomie. My guess is he realized me, the hunter, and warrior were interconnected and would back each other up. So the poor druid (who already confided in us that they were having a rough night) was the object of the tanks rage. When we finally downed the last boss, he unloaded on this poor druid and wove a tapestry of obscenities that, as far as I know, is still hanging in space over the Necrotic Wake (props to you if you can name this reference). And I snapped. So did the hunter. So did the warrior. We let him know in no uncertain terms (and with language that was equally as colorful as his) that his behavior was unacceptable. He was pissed because “the F#@%ing druid got the loot” that he was hoping for. It wasn’t the druid he unloaded on. It was me. I didn’t need the item that dropped. Neither did the other druid. However, because of his outburst, I decided that I wanted to keep it for transmog reasons. I think all four of us immediately /ignore-ed him.

Was my reaction with the loot petty? Probably. Was it justified? Maybe. Would I do it again? Abso-f#@%ing-lutely! You reap what you sew. Keys are weird sometimes. Sometimes you get an amazing composition of people and you just rocket through them. Sometimes you get less-optimal groups and you just have to muscle through it. Sometimes it goes so far south that you need a step ladder to reach the bottom of a whiskey bottle. At no point is toxicity something that should be tolerated (and never should it be rewarded).

Humorous aside, I was checking my information and notice that the monk in question either server transferred or name changed. Guessing his reputation “tanked.”

We spent some time chatting with this druid and trying to build his spirits back up. Hoping we’ll get to have him hang out with us during one of our raid nights, because he can use a positive experience in WoW.

Progressing Heroic SotFO

We have a lockout saved for Normal with only tier bosses and the Jailer up, if we ever want to quickly run alts through. I believe everyone has their 4 piece at this point and has seen at least 1 kill of the Jailer. We’ve dipped our toes into the heroic pool the past couple weeks. We’re now 5/11 on heroic, we’ve downed Guardian, Dausegne, Pantheon, Lihuvim, and Skolex. I am super proud of our team. Our composition can vary quite a bit from raid night to raid night. Hell, even from the first hour of raid night to the second hour. Regardless of what our composition is, we have fun and give it our all.

That’s no moon, it’s a soul forge (Star Wars pun required today).
Xmog details…..

Helloooooooooo Creation Catalyst.

I was toying with photo-chopping the Animaniacs on this picture to match the title, but meh-ffort. The vault didn’t have anything of note for me this week, so I thought I’d play around with the Scars of Eternal Strife trinket for grins and giggles. With the creation catalyst being active this week, I was able to convert a set of M+ shoulders into tier (Helloooooooooo 4pc bonus) and liked the way they looked. I decided to change up my look around them. There are plenty of folks that are super critical of the tier appearances and I share similar criticisms for the cloth and plate sets. However, I am rather fond of the leather and mail sets.

Xmog Details…..

Light-forged turned Sin Eater

Baaros isn’t the golden boy he once was anymore. He got mixed up in that situation in ICC with Bolvar and Tyrande. I guess he’s finally going through that goth/industrial stage of life (of which I gleefully approve). For Protection, both Venthyr and Kyrian are a lot of fun. For Retribution, Necrolord is crazy powerful. Been told Venthyr is great for Holy, but I still don’t heal on a paladin yet. I’m just having fun soloing most of the Zereth Mortis rares.

Xmog Details…..

Final Fantasy’s True Endgame … player housing

I finally decided to get off my lazy bum and go out and become a real adult. No more staying at questionable inns, I’ve got my own address. I feel like I should link The Jefferson’s theme song due to how big a deal player housing is.

Primal DC: Exodus Server: Mist: Topmast Subdivision: Ward 4: Apt 29.

I know that The Maelstrom gets a lot of hate from folks because “ew filthy derelict pirates.” Meh, I ride motorcycles. I’m used to society giving me the side eye, and I don’t care. I just click with the La Noscea zones and the grand company. I like that my GC leader is calm, cool, collected, and diplomatic; but if you cross her, or her allies, she’ll put a bullet between your eyes faster than you can blink. Also, the color red is my kryptonite. The choice for apartments was easy; I went to Mist. I love the beach and docks there.

Me and Kitty enjoying a little bit of the nighttime ocean vibes.
virtual tour of my squarespace …..

Mad Luck, Catnip, and the interim copium dosage

I’ve been sitting on this one for a while. I figured I’d finally add a little more to it, then button it up and toss it onto the InterVoid.

I never expect to see the holiday boss mounts drop for me, but the Headless Horseman finally handed over The Horseman’s Reins.

It was a bit of a shock to say the least. On the first day of running the dungeon, I saw a Mage get the mount in one of my groups. I pretty much figured this was going to be the closest I get this year. I’d been running random content and swapped to a server I keep lesser played toons on and realized my instance lock was up and I had a couple tanks on this server that could run it. I hopped on my Void Elf DK (that I leveled solely for the heritage armor) and queued up as a tank. This was his first time ever seeing the Headless Horseman, but I’ve got a couple DKs and their setups are all identical. Only thing this one doesn’t have is the big covenant button to press. We finish the run, he gets his Bring Me The Head of… Oh Wait achievement and I open my box and expect to leave group and log out. Imagine my surprise when I see a horse head icon flash real quick in the auto-loot window. Someone in the group whispers to me “Congrats! Just know that I might hate you a little bit over this. ;-)” and then /cheers me. Open my bags, and there it is. It is officially over, my search is done. Fate chose when I’d claim the reward. AH-HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Of course I had to put on a pumpkin head and take a pic in front of the clock tower. I will still queue up as a tank or healer each year to help folks out, because I know the DPS queue sucks. However, now I don’t have to think of it as a “farming” activity, it’s a charity event.

Spoiler warning, adorbs kittehs ahead…..