Pre-Cleaning for Legion.

So with the announcement of Legion, I’ve been looking over the toons. I had a Monk tank on the Horde side that I just wasn’t digging.

The Monk tanking style just isn’t my thing. So *pulls out the delete bat* he’s out of there. So there’s an opening for a tank/dps amongst my Hordies. Blood Elf Demon Hunter it is then.

So, once Legion hits, I’ll have 2 tank/dps toons, 2 heal/dps toons, and a collection of pure DPS toons on both factions.

For tank/dps:

  • Human Death Knight (blood/frost)
  • Goblin Warrior (prot/fury)
  • Dwarf Paladin (prod/ret)
  • *will be* Blood Elf Demon Hunter (veng/havoc)

For heal/dps:

  • Night Elf Druid (resto/feral)
  • Tauren Shaman (resto/elem)
  • Orc Monk (mw/ww)
  • Draenai Priest (disc/shadow)

For pure dps:

  • The remaining races/classes are all represented.

Tanks/Healers not (or no longer) represented:

  • I’ve already mentioned that I’m not a fan of the Monk tank play style.
  • Back in Cataclysm, bear tanking stopped being fun. That’s when I discovered druid healing.
  • I never fully got the hang of Holy Priest healing. It just didn’t fit me.
  • I never fully got the hang of Paladin healing, it reminds me too much of Holy Priest.

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