A new place to call home…

I have been needing to find a new home for a fair slice of my Alliance toons. Since the spiraling demise of my former guild, I’ve been hoping to find a guild of near-misfits that are semi-serious about everything they do.

  • Socializing
  • Raiding
  • Real Life

A number of folks that I enjoy reading online (or in some cases, bantering back and forth with), have a presence in “of the Queue.”  This is the guild that exists for the fans of Blizzard Watch. I created a toon over there and hung out in /g while I did a little leveling of another monk. The atmosphere is as close to perfect as I could hope for. I’m pretty confident that I can make a home for myself in there.

I’ll even be able to make their raid nights. So, perhaps I won’t have to resign myself to simply being “just an LFR healer.”

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