8.3 first impressions

We finally logged in on the second night of 8.3 to consume the new content. The assaults and dailies/WQs associated with them are not very clear on intent. We muddled our way through them and began to figure them out, but I would have liked a clearer objective to be presented. I’m guessing that in a couple of days it will be mindless “take/kill/protect the [things]” grinding.

It took us 2 nights of play to finally get the cloak. WTAF!?!?!? Have I reached a level of “you suck/get gud scrub” that kills my ability to do anything efficiently in game? Not sure. However, what I’ve gleaned from this is that I do not want to do this on any other toons. I will have to do this on the Alliance side too (reluctantly, I’ll add).

Timistaart (Unholy/Blood DK)
Timistaart (Unholy/Blood DK)

Let me introduce the DK that will be the primary toon that I will be traipsing around in BfA on (good or bad) until Shadowlands.  Unless they implement account-wide essences and introduce a skip method for the cloak, I will not spend much time on alts. I just have zero motivation to log in and repeat the grind.

On the plus side, I can unabashedly do the dirty-casual thing for the remainder of 8.3 and wind up maxing my cloak (not that it really matters once Shadlowlands hits), while having all the time in the world to run whatever old content I want. I see lots of time spent on The Legend of Zelda™: Breath of the Wild, Pokémon Shield, and Super Mario Maker 2 in my near future.

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