Go go go…erm…well…NVM


So my Allie main is sitting at the quest “6.2…wait for it…no, really…wait for it.”  I’m hoping I can pug a group to finish BRF-N before 6.2 hits. I’ve got a couple folks that I run with, and I’ll likely get there with them. I just don’t have a time frame on when it will happen. I plan on having all of my level 100 toons run the complete LFR gamut once. However, only one Allie and one Hordie will slog through the entirety of the legendary quest line.

I’ve been enjoying my self-imposed solitude in the game since my departure from my former guild. It’s given me a lot of time to work on some items that I simply want to get out of the way. I’ve also moved some toons around to change things up a bit.

I’ve got 2 sets of to-do lists for my game, weekly raid reset list and daily chores list. These are for when I don’t feel like pugging / questing / follower-missions / garrison-chores / etc.

The weekly is:

  1. Get the Horde Shammy to the waiting game quest through LFR grinding (fortunately healer queues aren’t too terrible).
  2. Run my Allie druid through FL for the orange staff (if RNG is good to me, 3 more weeks till completion…otherwise 4). I have a friend that is a little over 1 leg behind me on this quest, so we’ve been double-teaming it. I figure when I’ve completed the staff, I’ll bring another toon in to FL with her for some XMog gear. There’s some really impressive looking gear in there.
  3. Run my Allie rogue through DS for the orange daggers (this week should see me get the stage 2 of 3 daggers, so 5-ish weeks till completion).
  4. Run several toons through MC for the orange sword (no I didn’t say it this time).
  5. Run a couple toons through SP for the orange bow.
  6. Run my Allie druid through Ulduar for the other orange mace.
  7. Run my Allie warrior through ICC for the orange axe.

I don’t know why I’m so hellbent on having my Allie bank guild with the legendary achievements. However, I want it, so I’m going to get them.
The daily is:

  1. Have my Allie druid do his Stables and Barn Dailies. I’m not overly fond of the stables. However, I want to get the mounts and achievements out of the way so it can be replaced.
  2. Have my Horde miner farm Ghost iron ore/Leather from Sky Ridge and smelt ghost iron bars
  3. Have my Horde alchemist transmute the ghost ore to Trillium and Living Steel
  4. Have my Horde blacksmith finish learning/making all of the Reborn weapons from MoP
  5. Have my Horde engineer create the engineering pets from MoP
  6. Have my Horde engineer drop Bling 5K for the Inspector Gadgetzan – Achievement
  7. Have my Horde jewelcrafters do the Dailies in Org/Dal to get the rest of the patterns there

In creating these lists, I thought that I hadn’t shown my Horde toons enough love since the launch of WoD. My Allies are sitting at the point of only needing to be touched once a week. Whereas my Hordies are a ways off from being that comfortable. However, when I looked at the levels of the toons, I realized that I could probably cap 2 toons in one weekend, then (level-wise) my hordie toons will be sitting prettier than my Allies. Plus, looking at my lists. I realized that I have myself set to spend more time on the horde toons.

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