…that was fast

So my statement, over there, was wrong…

Seems as if 6.2 is dropping next Tuesday.

My Tauren Shammy is on the last leg of the 6.1 legendary collection quest. He was sitting at 2 of 3 tablets and 124 of 300 runes to create the last tablet at the time of this past reset.

*grumble*  “Guessing I’m going to run BRF after 6.2 drops.”

It seems as if I forgot that there’s a catch up mechanism in place. Once you complete a leg of the legendary on one toon, all your alts get extra drops per boss of the legendary doodads. Plus, the big boss drops an insane amount of the whatsits. After lastnight’s full BRF clear, he’s sitting at 2 of 3 tablets and 291 of 300 runes and the 18 rune mission showed up on the mission table. So he’s going to be sitting at the “6.2…wait for it…no, really…wait for it” quest that the Allie druid is sitting at when tomorrow closes.

I still plan on finishing out the Council and Steamwheedle this weekend on the druid. However, I doubt I’ll grind out the Shatari before Tuesday rolls around. Which puts the Frostwolf and Laughing Skull rep out till post 6.2. Which works, it will be something to do during the lull between patches.

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