Hmmm…guessing I got distracted…

I was going back through my blog and noticed I hadn’t mentioned another set of orange that I had completed. I also noticed that a couple of extra items on my checklist of things to do (which I haven’t actually written out in it’s entirety) got crossed off the list.

  1. Fangs of the Father. I finally finished that quest line. Again, the story line was so much more immersive than the cloak or the ring. However, I still maintain that Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest was without a doubt, the best legendary story line.
  2. I finally got the Grand Black War Mammoth from the Vault of Archavon, picked up the Grand Expedition Yak, and picked up a handful of other mounts that I didn’t realize I was missing. Depending on what toon I log in to, I’m somewhere between 185 and 188 mounts. I’ve got a list of mounts that I’m working towards. I’d like to be at 200 before legion hits. I’m pretty sure I can make that happen.
  3. My Horde main went into Mythic Siege of Orgrimmar with his guild. That was a pretty cool experience. I really enjoyed the extra phase on Garrosh at the end. We basically ROFLSTOMPED everything in there. Mechanics?!?! Bah! Who needs mechanics?!?!?!? Well, on Mythic Garrosh (even at level 100 iLevlel 680), you NEED to follow the mechanics. We actually wiped once on Garrosh due to the mind control mechanic.

I think that’s all that is new-ish and exciting. If I think of anything else, I might write it down.

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