So much cool xmog and I run around like this…

Aes has been dealing with the summer heat with a comfy and VERY breathable xmog. I also decided to use the dark ranger skin and eyes for a bit. I’m probably going to be going back to the eyes that line up with the facial scars that represent the burning of Teldrassil, but for now he’s rocking the edgy look.

Aes SL s4
Aes’ cool and comfy look in SL season 4
SlotItem – slots not listed are hidden
HeadCrown of Autumnal Flora (SL – Mists of Tirna Scithe )
Using the vines in the hair and beard from the barber shop too.
WristsMurkblood Bracers (BC – any instance)
WaistArgent Conscript’s Belt (WotLK – Argent Tournament Quartermaster)
LegsSentinel Trousers (Vanilla – world drop, so check AH)
FeetDevoted Aspirant’s Slippers (SL – Kyrian Quartermaster)
WeaponScythe of Elune (Legion – Balance Druid Artifact [PVP appearance I believe])

4 thoughts on “So much cool xmog and I run around like this…

  1. Love it! Such fabulous colours.
    So jealous that you have the Crown of Autumnal Flora! How many runs did it take you to get it — or did you lose/not count? 😛

    1. Definitely lost count. Can’t recall if I got it from an M+, M0, or random heroic for the healer’s satchel. Only recently got it. Was within the last month or so of season 3. I have seen it drop for others in the guild a handful of times, so I don’t think it’s as rare as a mount drop.

      1. Let’s see… between my four mains, I’ve logged 55 Normal Tred’ova kills. Maybe I’ll have a better chance if I start doing it on Heroic?

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