WoW 10th Anniversary Wrapping up…

So here we are, mere hours before the 10th Anniversary event is packed away for good.

A small part of me is disappointed that I didn’t spend more time in MC trying to farm a Hatespark the Tiny battle pet. However, I’ve been in the anniversary MC 4 times and every time was a uphill battle to maintain my calm (a 2 to 3 hour battle each time, I might add). In the end, I got my druid and my warlock their freebie 640 helms and I got the mount and the achievement.

I’m mildly disappointed that I didn’t take the shaman to level 100 and through it. However, I haven’t felt the overwhelming desire to power-level my toons. He’ll probably be the next that I casually make the trip to 100 on, though.

As I started to write this, I realized that I haven’t stepped foot into the Southshore/Tauren Mill battle ground yet. I am slacking in the extreme. I MUST rectify this tonight. We’ll see how that goes. It’s sure to be a hoot and a holler.

My guild made some headway on Highmaul last night. We haven’t downed Kargath yet. However, we finally got our act together. We know what we’re doing now. We are just a little under-geared at this point. Plus, some still haven’t bothered with gemming or enchanting their gear, which makes a huge difference (even with the cheaper enchants). We’ve got him down to 30% last night. So we are pretty stoked to get to where we got in the fight, considering where we are in gear. I’m hopeful that next week will be the week that we take Kargath down and start the process working our way through Highmaul.

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