Finally! 13/13 H

It’s official. I have seen the entirety of HFC-H. Two lockouts ago, the full guild group took down Fel Lord Zakuun and Tyrant Velhari. This past lockout, the full guild group took out Shadow-Lord Iskar (which put the guild at 13/13H, if my understanding of the Mumble-chatter is correct) and Velhari again.

The only one left for me was Mannoroth. I decided to join a pug group (I know, scary, right?). While Manny wasn’t a solid kill (had to brez a tank twice), it was still a one-shot. I figure “eh, why not? I’ll follow them to Archie .” After the Manny  kill, we lost some really great DPSers. I’m guessing they were only there for the Manny portal fragments. We port to Archie and pick up a few new puggers to fill in the void of players. An hour and a half later, I lost count of the number of wipes, I left the group. At one point we were down to 16%, another 4%, even 1% on the best pull. However, as we started losing players, the percentage started creeping back up. I had to bail on the opportunity for a second heroic Archimonde kill.  I ran out of gold for repairs (which reminds me I need to make a deposit in the guild bank, as I used some guild repair money).

At some point, I’ll write up a review on my thoughts on the HFC-H bosses. There are fights that I love, fights that I hate, and fights that just are.

3 thoughts on “Finally! 13/13 H

    1. OMG! The trash mobs upstairs!!!!!!!! Burn them with Fel fire. Some of that trash is worse than boss fights. I’d rather fight Velhari 4 times in place of the packs of trash leading to her. I’d do Xhul 3 times in place of his trash. Soc 3 times in place of his trash. I think Iskar and Zakuun are the only ones that I don’t abhor the trash leading up to.

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