Trial of Style Laughs

The other night I took place in the Trial of Style for the first time EVER since it’s inception. It was a lot of fun and I got to see a lot of both amazing and trolling mogs. One of the themes was “Ready for Battle.” I submit to you my gnome rogue (who normally is running around nekkid) wearing green rags and dual wielding the Stinkrot Smasher. Obviously, I was trolling with this mog. It made enough folks laugh that I got 2nd place with it.

Over 2 nights, I was able to get all the mogs for each armor type. Currently there are 3 sets for all 4 armor types. Seasons 1, 2, and 4 were the only seasons that gave armor ensembles. The other seasons gave a shirt and in-contest consumable vanity items. I was also able to win 1st place on a few toons to be able to buy the Fashionable Undershirt. It is similar to Precious’ Ribbon, in that when you wear it you have a cosmetic buff (“Fashionable” for the Trial of Style shirt and “Best in Show” for the shirt from Precious).

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