So now what do we do?


I can’t put into words why that polar bear was the best choice for this entry. However, you’ll just have to trust me that this bear is the perfect embodiment of my feelings about the gap between pre-patch and invasions.

Legion pre-patch is landing as I type this. Nothing will be the same (of course that’s the case every expansion, so there’s nothing new there [pardon me while I mourn our dearly departed talent trees from the pre-Cata patch]  /sobs-uncontrollably). I’m sure in another 2 expansions, this won’t be remembered as “the WORST X-Pack EVAARRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!1!!!” I think most of the Cataclysm boohooing is over, with all hatred turned to WoD.

Busy work garrison chores is a thing of the past now, unless you have a use for the herbs and ores. In the mean time, what do we do?

  • Empty out our storage closets of all mogs that we don’t have a sentimental connection to I doubt this will take more than a couple hours, at most.
  • Farm materials to make hexweave bags. I still have a barn cranking for that.
  • Finish learning all the patterns (Secrets of Draenor [profession] daily CD) for toons that changed professions at the very end there.

I’m lucky that the guild is planning on going back into HFC so everyone can figure out their ass from a hole in the ground with the new class changes (the Beta/PTR folks will have a very distinct advantage in the orifice identification process).

I have a feeling I’ll be farming a lot more of the older instances for mounts in the next 2 weeks. Probably heading back out to the Argent Tournament for toys, pets, and mogs as well.


5 thoughts on “So now what do we do?

  1. Well, how about sending your Enchanter to learn the Tomes of Illusion?
    That’ll keep you busy farming Motes of Fire again.
    Brb, I have a date with Nefarion…I’m going to Torrent all over his parade…

  2. Update: Take your Druid to Moonglade and find the Trade Supplies vendor; Lorelai.
    She will sell you Books to teach you Stag form so you can be mounted, Track Beasts, Flap and also a toy that will port you to random places.

    Get busy!

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